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7th August 2017 Issue

Career high flyer to test warfare skills

A Mangawhai woman is embarking on her dream job, practising anti-submarine warfare tactics in Micronesia.

Corporal Portia Havill, 24, is an air warfare specialist with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) and is part of an RNZAF detachment.

Corporal Portia Havill-268

Ed Said - Mangawhai, into the future

Have you ever thought what the new highway might bring to Mangawhai? We’ve just heard that traffic congestion in Auckland is costing the country over $2 billion a year in lost productivity, and then profitability.




Community meeting to dispel Domain rumours


Dixieland comes to Mangawhai

Dixie Street-594

Te Reo Maori Metal creates Spotify buzz

alien weaponry pic-267

Popular roadside car sale strip now off-limits

15 MF-No parking Mangawhai-240

Police Snippets

Stop, thief! Police are asking for anyone who knows the identity of the young chocolate thief.
Pump pinched A waterpump of undefined description was stolen
Not closing Constable Wewege can also confirm that Warkworth and Wellsford Police stations are not closing down
Belt up August is the official month for another police campaign

BNZ offers satellite service


Council proposes rescue helicopter loan 

NEST Rescue helicopter-814

Northland contributes to local rescue chopper

Ivy growing strong

15 MF-Ivy Bistro copy-562

Letters to the Editor

Wake up NRC! Northland Regional Council (NRC) is proposing to borrow $9.8 million to lend to Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) to buy two new helicopters. 
Quail Way flooding With reference to the article in the July 24 issue, this must be very distressing for those involved, when locals who contacted Council were told nothing could be done about the problem because of the lack of finances available. 
Re Maori seats In support of New Zealand First’s intention to abolish Maori parliamentary seats I would like to cite the following quote: 

Craft workshop spreads enviro message

Elloise for Manga Focus-692

Worzels World - The Real Fake News

Urgent electricity upgrade for Quail Way 

Environmental movement gains momentum 

15 MF-MBSenvirongrp copy-966

Ageing gracefully: Turn back the clock with good skin health


Gardening with Gael - Camellias add beauty to a winter garden


Inspiring the wild artist

Tara Iti Golf Club announces unique local charity fundraiser

Tara Iti Main-388

Mangawhai combined Rebus Club: Museum happenings; watch that posture

Having a ball

15 MF-Zontaball1-618

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