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Community meeting to dispel Domain rumours



In an attempt to resolve matters after the recent Mangawhai Domain AGM conflict, Mangawhai Football Club (MFC) is organising a public meeting to sort out talk and speculation, especially regarding the clubs ‘planned takeover’ of the Domain.

A spokesperson for MFC’s committee says the football club does not have any intention to take over the Domain, and has not yet commented publically as they were hoping the conflict between the Domain committee and MFC could be handled in a civil way.

“Due to circulating false rumours and half-truths, the spotlight has been taken off the discussions held at the AGM… valid concerns have instead been turned into a supposed takeover of the Domain committee by the football club,” the spokesperson says.

“The previous Domain committee have refused to meet and discuss the way forward, they instead have put inflammatory statements out to the community regarding the football club and local press.”

MFC has hired Mangawhai Library Hall for a public meeting on August 16 at 7.30pm with an open invitation.

“Please attend if you have an interest in the future of the domain, everyone is welcome, including the former/current Domain committee and local media. We hope to dispel all the rumours and worries and put things straight,” the spokesperson says. “If the former/current committee would like to speak at this meeting, they are welcome. If there are community members that feel they would be neutral and would like to facilitate the meeting, then please contact the club.”

The Focus contacted the previous Domain committee, who are now holding a caretakers role until the next Domain AGM, for comment regarding the public meeting.

A spokesperson for the group had no comment to make about the public meeting, saying someone (from the current committee) may choose to go along but it is unlikely.

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