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Letters to the Editor



Quail Way flooding
With reference to the article in the July 24 issue, this must be very distressing for those involved, when locals who contacted Council were told nothing could be done about the problem because of the lack of finances available.

Step back a while and consider the lack of action by the installed Commissioner who had ample time to chase the overspending on the sewerage scheme at $30m plus. The Commissioner, guided by the National government, didn't consider recouping any overspending, for whatever reason we will never know, but instead lumped all the cost to the ratepayer.

We still have an ex-Commissioner doing the government bidding and are left with a massive debt. That's why nothing can be done regarding the flooding, as well as lack of road maintenance etc.

This Council could, if they had any backbone, do something about it, but I suppose the ex-Commissioner will make every effort to make it die in the water. Let's hope no children do!

Ashley Wood


Re Maori seats
In support of New Zealand First’s intention to abolish Maori parliamentary seats I would like to cite the following quote:

“Ethnic-based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much of the pie as possible to one’s family, tribe, or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce, people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems, it divides neighbour from neighbour.”

A typical judgmental outburst from a redneck white racist, is it not? Well, not exactly. This statement was made in 2006 by a gentleman of mixed race, bearing the title of President Barack Obama.

And there is another fellow with an off-white complexion who stated, “Political division, based on colour, is entirely artificial; and when it disappears, so will the domination of one colour group by another.”

His name was Nelson Mandela.

I rest my case.

Mitch Morgan

Wake up NRC!
Northland Regional Council (NRC) is proposing to borrow $9.8 million to lend to Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) to buy two new helicopters. They are considering this because NRC can access money at a lower interest rate than the helicopter services can.

Last year the government set up a process inviting tenders for New Zealand’s National Helicopter Rescue Services. This tender went live in September 2016. Overseas emergency contractors in Britain and Canada, and perhaps elsewhere, have shown an interest and some may well have tendered already (although this has not been made public).

Hence there is no guarantee that the various helicopter trusts such as NEST will continue to exist, and in that case NEST would default on the $9.8 million borrowed from us as ratepayers.

This seems scarily similar to the well-known botch-up by the former Kaipara District Council in incurring large, unwanted debts for ratepayers to pay. The NRC is not and should not be a bank.

Anyone can access the website of Northland Regional Council and see what is being proposed, but there is no mention of the tendering process already taking place.

Get involved! Make a submission! Northland ratepayers do not want another bad debt to pay off!

Christine & Mike Silvester

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