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25th July 2016

Agency door always open

9 MF-WendySOS copy-853

Govt to tackle high risk roads


Ed Said - Elections: Will you or won’t you?


Your Questions Answered - Council and Mangawhai building for future

People working for the community
It is heart-breaking to hear of accidents causing deaths on our roads. Kaiwaka lost a passionate local, Scott Dalziel, last week. Our sympathies go out to Scott’s partner Helen, and family and friends.


John Foster: A special exhibition

A prolific painter, printmaker and visionary, much of John Foster’s work involved recording and interpreting daily life and scenes from his time at the family farm at Te Hana and the beach house at Mangawhai Heads.
Four Seasons On The Farm-247

Wheels turning on Waipu cycleway

After much fundraising and hard work, the first stage of the Waipu Cycle and Walkway is complete and to celebrate there will be an official opening on Sunday August 14.

Crown Manager to support Kaipara District Council

Associate Local Government Minister Hon Louise Upston has announced the appointment of Peter Winder as a Crown Manager.


Police Snippets

Houses burgled - A number of burglaries have occurred over the last two weeks
Driver warnings - A reminder to drivers to slow down on roads


Debate for space as Hakaru expands

Spreading between Kaiwaka and Mangawhai, the historical settlement of Hakaru is experiencing a surge in popularity, with new residents viewing the area as an affordable place to call home.
10 MF-Hakaru Hall 2016-672

Northlanders contribute to great result for local rescue chopper

This year’s Westpac Chopper Appeal has raised $50,908.10 for the Northland rescue helicopter.

This is part of $1,307,810.53 raised across the country.
The People's Chopper 1 - 600X600-677

Increased Demand On Northland Rescue Helicopter

Statistics are saying 2016 is tracking as the busiest year on record for the Northland Rescue Helicopter, responding to 466 requests for assistance to date – up from 404 this time last year.


Worzels World - Home and Away

They say home is where the heart is, but if your heart is in a specimen jar at the medical school you may prefer to sleep in your car.

There has been much in the news lately about the plight of the homeless. It is a sad indictment of all of us who call ourselves New Zealanders that in a country as fertile, as productive and as under-populated as ours we cannot feed and shelter those

Community Matters - Government or community led development?

Some people would say the government should stay out of community development and let communities get on with it themselves. Others might say if the government provided better education, more employment, affordable housing and timely health-care, then we would have less need for the community to fill the gaps. 

Letters to the Editor

Recipe for disaster - There are more than a few gaps in Noel Paget's slanted account 
Clean streets - I was pleased to read Annie Kitchener’s letter commending the Scouts 
Ticking boxes or QA? - Water Quality Advisory Panel have still no information 
Kaipara Commissioner John Robertson responds: - I refute Mr Scothern's assertions 

News Briefs

Mangawhai Park busy - The area around the museum and re-sited old church has been cleared in preparation for the establishment of the pioneer village.
Free business advice - A healthy interest in it’s Start-up Café by Northland’s business community 


New CEO keen on Kaipara’s future

New Kaipara District Council CEO Graham Sibery is now three weeks into his tenure and settling into life in Dargaville. That also means gradually finding his bearings throughout the Kaipara
Graham Sibery-237

Different Strokes

BRIGHT STROKES: This happy team of budding artists enjoyed the Exploring Colour workshop last weekend held by Mangawhai artists Gayle Forster and Elena Nikolaeva, and proudly show off their works. 
Exploring colour art workshop July 2016-347

New business consulting resource for local business

Tanya Gray, owner of Recruit NZ, is launching a new business this month. ConsultingHQ is aimed at providing high level resources for local businesses to achieve their potential.

Kaiwaka Clothing: Quality weather gear for people who work outdoors

Founded in 1975, the Kaiwaka Clothing Company has grown from a saddle manufacturer into the leading supplier of high-performance wet weather products in New Zealand.

The wisdom of our bodies With Dr Wayne McArthy ND

Lessons from Russia

I recently returned from the Russian Federation having witnessed the use of ozone therapy in their hospital system. 
Dr Wayne McCarthy-654

Gardening with Gael - Apple Blossom Way

Last year I made a decision to stop writing the gardening articles. The premise of the articles had been the development of the garden on a block of land on the side of the Hakaru Valley. 
Murraya paniculata-471

Hunters lured by big money

Thick wet underbrush, muddy creeks, a bunch of baying dogs and Swandris are a match made in heaven for dedicated pig hunters determined to get a slice of the $13,000 worth of prizes on offer at the 2016 Kaiwaka Boar Hunt.
Boar hunt pic 2015-686

New Dynamic Yoga stimulates change

Anybody wanting to improve their physical abilities and become better movers can take advantage of a new course in Dynamic Yoga in Mangawhai.

Crow Pose at Mangawhai Estuary-157

Golden waves keep coming

Hannah Williams, Mangawhai’s Queen of the waves, has continued her successful run in surf lifesaving competitions this year, but the run hasn’t ended yet.

Hannah Williams surf life saving comp-344

Fight for Te Arai goes on

Mass felling of trees and sand excavation causing a drastic transformation of landscape has been the catalyst for more outrage surrounding the controversial Te Arai development.


Te Arai-845

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