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Your Questions Answered - People working for the community


It is heart-breaking to hear of accidents causing deaths on our roads. Kaiwaka lost a passionate local, Scott Dalziel, last week. Our sympathies go out to Scott’s partner Helen, and family and friends.

Scott’s death brings to eight people lost on roads in the Kaipara District in the first seven months of this calendar year. This is far too many.

The community of Kaiwaka and Council officers have been engaging with NZTA to seek improvements to pedestrian safety and slow traffic through the township for several years now. Scott was a member of the group leading the efforts.

Mangawhai Community Park
The evolution of Mangawhai Community Park continues. While Council is providing some of the funding, volunteers are contributing most of the labour.

Volunteers are creating “Pioneer Village”, with the church in place and more historically significant buildings to be added. Thank you to Jim Wintle, Bert Sainsbury, and the team.

The new entrance to MAZ had the cement funded by Council but the laying of it was done by volunteers. MAZ continues to develop, from the skate park to the tennis courts to the playground. Colin Gallagher and his team have much more to come.

Then there are those who are working on the tracks and assisting with the planting. Thank you to Gordon Hosking and his team.

The Mangawhai Museum occupies part of the Park. The efforts of many volunteers have been tireless as this place has been created.

St John’s have taken up space, and the NZ Fire Service may do the same, next to St John’s, using a shared entrance onto the road. The NZ Fire Service are in negotiations with Council over a licence to occupy a site.

Mangawhai Community Park now has a governance structure over the top of it – a committee of two community members Jim Wintle and Maurice Langdon, and two Commissioners, Peter Winder and Richard Booth. The Commissioners will be replaced by elected members after the October Council elections. A Friends of the Park group is in place to bring together all users of the Park. The governance group has a Council budget to allocate of $100,000 per year, to support the development of this public space. This budget has been applied to such things as building materials, earthworks and vegetation clearance at the Pioneer Village site, native plants along the road frontage, the new MAZ driveway and security cameras for an integrated security system.

Commissioner Winder to assist Council post election
Commissioner Peter Winder has been appointed by the Associate Minister of Local Government, Hon. Louise Upston, to manage for the Council certain historic legal matters that may still be in play after elections are held in October this year.

Peter has been a Commissioner since September 2012, and so is well placed to fulfil this role. While the issues are complex, the Council’s legal team is doing the detailed work. I expect Peter’s time commitment as the overall manager of the process to be a day or two each month.

Nominations are open
The nominating period has opened for those seeking to stand for election to the Kaipara District Council, the Northland Regional Council, or the Northland District Health Board.

Nominations are open until 12 noon on Friday August 12.
Information evenings sponsored by the Kaipara District Council and the Northland Regional Council are being held for prospective candidates and interested people from Kaipara on August 1 at the Dargaville Town Hall, 5.30pm, and on August 2 at the Kaiwaka Sports Complex, 12.30pm. If you seek further details, feel free to contact Sean Mahoney at smahoney@kaipara.govt.nz.

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