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Terms of Trade

Terms of trade
The publisher is authorised to publish the advertisment(s) as detailed above.  It is agreed that this order is issued and accepted subject to the conditions printed below. Cancellation of this order must be given in writing before the deadline time for cancellation of advertising space.  Verbal cancellation instructions must be confirmed in writing with 24 hours and before  the deadline time.
Agreements between parties: No verbal agreements/ arrangements between the advertiser and/or their agency, and the publishers representative/agent will be accepted. All agreements and instructions must be in writing to be deemed valid.
Ownership of artwork: The advertiser acknowledges ownership of all advertising copy produced by the publisher  is owned by the publisher, unless specific have been agreed to and paid for in full by the advertiser arrangements have been agreed to and paid for in full by the advertiser.
Artwork provided on time: The publisher reserves the right to use whatever appropriate copy is available at the time of printing if finished artwork has not been supplied by due date and/or approval of artwork produced by the publisher has not been signed off by the due date.
Changes to artwork/Quality of artwork: The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising material provided by the advertiser that may be of poor quality or incorrect format. All artwork to be supplied as high resolution CMYK PDF or as an EPS. If supplying artwork as EPS, please ensure all colour is CMYK and fonts are converted or embedded.
Liability of content: The advertiser agrees to indemnify the publisher against any liability brought about by misleading or inappropriate copy appearing the advertiser is advertisement.
Payment terms: The publisher will provide an invoice to the advertiser. The advertiser agrees to pay all monies on or before the due dates set out in the invoice.
Collection charges: The advertiser will be responsible for any/all additional charges incurred in recovering overdue accounts.
Cancellation: Cancellation after the closing deadlines for each issue will be charged at 50% of the agreed rate. Cancellation must be made in writing.
GST: Unless specifically indicated, GST is always additional to any prices or rates quoted.
The Mangawhai Focus is the only 'Mangawhai' community Newspaper and is the paper of choice within the local area.

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