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KSA Sports Brief

Sports Awards
The annual Kaiwaka Sports Association Sports Awards will be held on Monday April 14, and celebrates its own 30th anniversary. The evening will be emceed by More FM's John Markby and include profiles of the nominees, a sports trivia quiz, a commemorative walk down memory lane as well as dinner. Tickets are $25 per adult and $10 per child (Year 9 and under) and can be purchased at Jaques Four Square or from KSA club delegates.

Congratulations to the nominees:

Junior Sportsperson of the Year
Raymond Taito (Eastern United JMB), Rhys Shadbolt (Otamatea IMB), Jesse Manuell (Kaiwaka Squash), Gareth Ferguson (Kaipara Knights Soccer), Jasmine Sampson (OHS Netball), Brayden Mills (Kaiwaka Badminton), Ashton Coates (Kaiwaka Touch), Sophie Gribble (Kaiwaka School Netball), Logan Eager (OHS Hockey), Alice Paton (Kaiwaka Athletics), Paige Kenyon (Kaiwaka School), Danyon Tana (Kaiwaka Tennis), Billie le Mesurier Cowbourne (Otamatea Gymnastics).

Senior Sportsperson of the Year
Shane Neville (Otamatea Hawks Rugby), Mirna Manuell (Kaiwaka Squash), Tracy Kemp (Kaiwaka Touch), Innes Anderson (Kaiwaka Tennis), Julie Harris (Kaiwaka Fitness Centre).

Service to Sport
Christy Brown (Otamatea Gymnastics), Jennie Reynolds (Eastern United JMB), Eileen Parsons (Kaiwaka Athletics), Sandra Shaw (Otamatea-Ex Netball), Tina Ball (OHS Netball), Trevor Linnell (Otamatea Hawks Rugby), Wayne Maclennan (OHS Hockey).

Greg McRae Memorial Award
Tayler Jaques (Otamatea Gymnastics), Maia Fairburn (Kaiwaka School Netball), Caitlin Foster (OHS Netball).

Our Touch module prizegiving will be held after the finals this Sunday March 30 and the prizemoney for the winning teams has been set at: 1st $300, 2nd $200 and 3rd $100. Many thanks to Kauri Springs who donated several boxes of bottled water to the module.

Gymnastics greatly appreciates the efforts of volunteer coaches and recognises their valuable contribution to the club. Many thanks to Megan Little, Linda Cowbourne, Andrew Swadling, Stephanie Brown, Christy Brown, Amalie Brown, Holly Anderson and Holly Kenyon.

The next Otamatea Hawks match is this Saturday March 29 at the Kaiwaka Sports Complex against Waipu. The Reserves will take the field at 12.30pm and premiers will kick off at 2.15pm. Feel free to come along to show your support for the Hawks!

Badminton club will hold their AGM on Tuesday April 1, at 8pm in the gymnasium. All welcome.

If you would like to book the sports complex for a private function and have the bar open, I need to apply for a Special Licence. The time the KDC takes to process this has now been extended to 6 weeks, so if you would like to book an event where alcohol will be served, you need to give me at least six weeks notice.

A Special Licence will only be granted for an event where substantial food will be supplied to the guests – a full meal, not just nibbles and snacks. This is something to keep in mind before you book an event with us. For any questions on licensing requirements, please ring me on 431 2051.

Emergency accessway
Please note that the gate in our carpark which leads onto the field (next to the swimming pool) is our emergency accessway for ambulances. There have been two occasions recently where a car was parked in front of this gate blocking access to the fields, and on both occasions, an ambulance was required. Please keep this gate clear.

Cheryl Anderson, Kaiwaka Sports Assoc. manager, 431 2051,kaiwakasports@gmail.com

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