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CauseWay helps keep kids cosy

Staff and Church Members copy-77Over 300 children who visit Whangarei Hospital’s Ward 2 will be that much cosier this winter thanks to a donation from Mangawhai’s CauseWay Church.

Members of the church delivered 306 pairs of new winter pyjamas, 50 singlets and a box of slippers to the children’s ward last week. Donations had been made by the local community at the church’s second annual movie night, held in May.

The evening included snacks for $10 and a donation of a new pair of pyjamas. Slippers to accompany the pyjamas were then purchased with the surplus takings from the evening. This year’s response saw the donations more than double last year’s 147 pairs of pyjamas.

Church member and one of the event organisers, Gale Matheson, said the increasing response has ensured it will be an annual an event.

“The community response was overwhelming, building momentum like this, we need to continue every year.”

She said one of the driving forces behind the event is fellow church member Lauraine Sloan.

“Unfortunately she couldn’t be here today. It would be great for her to see this side of things.”

Clinical nurse manager Lynette Te Ahu joined her team in the playroom to thank the ladies for the generous donation.

“What a fantastic effort. Thank you so much. These are exactly what we need to keep our babies warm in winter.”

Lynette added that kids can choose their own pair of new pyjamas.

“Occasionally we meet a family where, including their siblings, this would positively impact their whole family.”

Jamain Tohu (6) was first to choose a pair of winter pyjamas, eventually deciding on the red ones with guitars.

He was particularly proud of his new slippers, inviting everyone to feel how ‘fluffy’ they were.

Teenager Bryar Bartlett was delighted with her cosy new onesie, with Jamain insisting she needed matching pink slippers.

BIG IMPACT: From left, play specialists Karen Parker, Joan Livingstone, Ward 2 associate clinical nurse manager Judith Hapi and Causeway Church’s Gale Matheson and Sharon Radford with ward two clinical nurse manager Lynette Te Ahu.


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