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Mangawhai Club offers $10,000 scholarship


Yvette Urlich-721A number of local clubs and organisations have benefitted over recent years from funding grants distributed by The Mangawhai Club, who have now instigated an Outward Bound Scholarship providing a unique opportunity for one local male and one female in the 16 to 18 year age group to apply to attend the school for three weeks in July.

This is expected to be widely sought-after and comes fully paid by the Club at $10,000 per successful applicant so screening will be stringent – from health to personal details – but the successful applicants can be assured of a great opportunity to add a new dimension of focus as their lives progress beyond school years.

The Outward Bound School at Anakiwa, nestled in the Marlborough Sounds, has, since 1962, been something of an outdoor training ground for young people to gain confidence on both a personal and team level, helping participants find resilience and step outside their comfort zones by participating in a number of new challenges for personal achievement. And they make new friendships likely to last a lifetime.

Davis Strachan-111
Outward Bound is not about becoming an extreme-sports athlete but simply about meeting and beating new challenges on a personal level and learning to cope in different situations.

Tramping, kayaking, rock-climbing, sailing, orienteering, finding skills you never knew you had and developing a new determination.

Outward Bound offers a mind, body and soul experience like no other while at the same time being committed to health and safety, extending boundaries of participants lives and doubtless having an influence on their future choices. Plus, successfully completing the course will look good on any CV.

The Youth Committee is the three person selection panel and 
Philip Smith-356
comprises Yvette Urlich, David Strachan, and Philip Smith.

Yvette Urlich, owner of Mangawhai pharmacy since 2011, is a member of the NZ Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmacy Guild and a post-graduate in Nutritional Medicine and enjoys tramping, fishing and scuba diving.

David Strachan, who has had a relationship with Mangawhai since 1992, is currently Adjunct Professor at Unitec School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and has a Masters degree in Sustainable Design and 40 years experience in the fields of building, interiors, and architecture.

Philip Smith with a family home in Mangawhai for 20 years but has been a practicing lawyer since 1967, held a warrant as Crown Solicitor for Northland from 1971 to 2007 and still retains connections to the Whangarei partnership that carries his name.

n Application forms and conditions are available from the Mangawhai Club, or on the adjacent form.

Yvette Urlich
David Strachan
Philip Smith

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