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8th February 2016


Positive response to planning survey

Mangawhai morning rush hour-106

Ed Said - Wetland or Wasteland?


Fishing grounds under threat?


EV charge centre at the hub

Molesworth Dr electric vehicle Site-167

Your Questions Answered -  Council land sales sometimes necessary



Watermelon Month - National Watermelon Month is taking place for the first time in New Zealand.
Variety seeks talent - Applications for Variety Gold Heart Scholarships are now open.
Roast lamb favourite - Kiwis have named the traditional Kiwi roast lamb dinner, with all the trimmings, as their favourite dish.


Snake eel surprise

We seem to have started an annual event with our article on readers’ finds or catches of this weird and wonderful creature.

snake eel chris kuhn-575

Fritter the late summer away

The Whangarei Fritter Festival is all about enjoying delightful food and wine and stellar New Zealand music with friends and family in Whangarei’s enviable subtropical climate.

Fritter Fest 2015 crowd-602

Guytons Garden - Heat continues through February

They told us February would be hot and they were right! Gardeners up and down the country are feeling the burn as temperatures soar, plants wilt and the surf beckons.

netted apple tree-101

DIY workshop for junior surfers

Craig Freeman of Lemuria Surfboards has lived his lifetime passion of surfing and making surfboards and now wants to pass on some of his practical and historical knowledge to local youngsters.


Letters to the Editor

DOLLARS & SENSE - Way back 25 years or so ago the commercial sand dredgers regularly dredged the harbour bar.
DISGUSTED - What is the matter with these people? The proposal to destroy all the mangroves 
GOOD S**T - The information evening about modern waste water treatment in the library hall
ECO-VANDALISM - Every time I drive over the Mangawhai Beach School causeway at low tide I wind my window up.
A BIG FRAUD - I was disturbed and a little offended by your latest editorial.


Solar power or solar hot water: The Do’s and Don’t’s

New Zealand ‘s high scepticism towards solar energy
The booming demand for solar power in New Zealand is very unusual, given the fact that scepticism towards solar energy has been very high for many years.

solar panels-694

Mangawhai Club offers $10,000 scholarship

A number of local clubs and organisations have benefitted over recent years from funding grants distributed by The Mangawhai Club, who have now instigated an Outward Bound Scholarship.
Yvette Urlich-699

Worzels World - Why all the secrecy?

Where once we had open Government, open judiciary and business of the non-criminal variety was conducted transparently, now we have, it seems, without too many questions being asked, moved into the age of ‘confidentiality’.  Secret witnesses give testimony in court, employment contracts have confidentiality clauses and Governments negotiate trade agreements on behalf of people from whom the content is hidden.​


Looking Back

BIG RAIN: Remember the wet New Year? It was no deterrent for this Auckland family. Longtime regulars to Mangawhai, Sarah Fortune and Tony Hellriegel and kids Tadhg, Felix and toddler Stella were intent on enjoying the weather whatever it was so, all geared up, they hit the beach regardless.

holiday rain-702

Explore with Paddle at the Pub

Our most precious commodity is there to be enjoyed. For adults, if you’re not into bowls or golf why not try something new and different and take advantage of the beautiful harbour we have at our doorstep?

Big paddlers-16

National Offroad series returns to Mangawhai

Everyone likes a little action to liven up their Easter break, and after a four-year absence Offroaders are returning to Mangawhai.

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