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Worzels World - Hearing the voices



Once, those who heard voices were lauded as prophets, priests, seers and shamans. Throughout history there are many who claim to have heard the voices of God, angels, devils and demons. Over recent times however disembodied voices emanate more often from such entities as television news readers and radio talk show hosts. This, though, does not necessarily mean these are not the voices of devils and demons.

If you tell people that you hear voices that are not heard by others then it will not be long before those nice young men in their clean white coats come calling. For such victimless offences against mainstream deafness you can be forcibly removed from polite society. These days such people are often marginalised or institutionalised for admitting such manifestations of spiritual acuity. The mandatory drugs that they will administer will not silence the voices but I am told they greatly reduce the volume.

It is estimated that over 20 per cent of New Zealanders are currently taking prescription drugs for the treatment of pain or psychological issues. For a substantial percentage of the remainder, self-medication is the order of the day. Alcohol, marijuana and the increasingly popular methamphetamine are widely used by those who feel the need to self medicate. At present in the US an epidemic of opiate use is sweeping that country. Is it that none of these people are satisfied with their ‘normal’ state of mind? Is reality really so bad that so many cannot face it or is this inability to face truth without recourse to chemical assistance the reason for the current sad and dysfunctional state of the world?

There has been much made of the increasing number of mass shooting incidents in the US. The weapons used and the methods employed are widely reported. The anti gun lobbyists are quick to call for greater firearms control. The tool is blamed for the crime of the workman. Indeed the gun may be an ideal tool for humanely despatching pests, one at a time – I use one for possums – but it has proven very inefficient indeed as a medium for mass murder. The Las Vegas shootings set a record for shooting deaths. Yet homicidal maniacs have greatly exceeded this number by many other alternative methods. Bombs, cars and trucks have all notched up significant numbers and of course the biggest mass homicide of all outside of war was the World Trade Centre. According to the official narrative this was achieved with no more offensive a weapon than a utility knife. Yet the fact that in most cases the perpetrators of these senseless homicidal rampages were either

taking medication for a psychological disorder or coming off such medication is strangely under-reported.

I have long since reconciled myself to the obvious fact that the world is crazy. Even a cursory glance at contemporary society clearly illustrates that barking mad is the new normal.

Throughout history most villages have had their idiot. Occasionally the odd psychopath – and psychopaths by definition are odd if not necessarily unusual – diagnosed as being possessed by a devil. Not everyone can be the sharpest tool in the shed but it is worrisome when the drugged, the delusional and the mentally unstable comprise the majority.

The world is a madhouse, and in a madhouse expressions of sanity are not welcome. When occasionally an inmate experiences a bout of lucid awareness they become acutely aware that they are no longer normal. Their sudden inability to deny reality and accept common lies and delusions puts them outside of the mainstream. They must either submit to treatment designed to corral them back into the boundaries of insane normality or else remain marginalised. Some who persist in their sanity and draw attention to all the emperors without clothes are often rejected entirely. Some are even martyred for their trouble.

Maybe it is because too few people are hearing the voices. Or maybe it is simply that they are listening to the wrong ones, their own included. Of one thing though we can be certain, the drugs don’t help.

And so it is dear reader that it appears there are only two sane and rational people left in the world – me and you. And frankly I am not entirely sure about you.

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I have long since reconciled myself to the obvious fact that the world is crazy. Even a cursory glance at contemporary society clearly illustrates that barking mad is the new normal.

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