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29th January 2018 Issue


Exhibition highlights shipwreck oil threat 

An historical act of war from WWII, and the potential environmental devastation that may still be lurking in local waters today, has compelled a Mangawhai artist to ded
icate nearly a year’s work to a solo exhibition on the disaster.

2 MF-Niagaraexhibit1 copy-465

Ed Said - Spotlight on traffic

With the regular working week again upon us most are reflecting on having had a good break over the silly season. Rain has filled tanks and eased fears of drought, at least for now, and soaring temperatures have seen beaches packed again.

Beautiful blues visit from distant ocean 

A local family was taking a Sunday evening stroll along the shoreline of Te Arai on January 21, when they came across quite a spectacular creature from the sea. 

Blue Dragon-214

RMS Niagara: New Zealand’s close encounter with WWII enemy action

Nearly 78 years ago the eastern waters of Bream Bay became the scene of the first maritime act of war in the Pacific, which led to the sinking of the British luxury liner the ‘RMS Niagara’, aka the ‘Titanic of the Pacific’. 
RMS Niagara-536

Surprise early launch for community grants 

Trustees of a new local group, whose purpose is to finance worthy projects for Mangawhai, are delighted their first round of grants has been fast-tracked well ahead of schedule.

2 MF-Factory trustees 2018-209

‘Problem solver’ joins Waipu clinic

Introducing Waipu Natural Health’s newest member: Sonia Dunne of Bodyconceptz – therapeutic and sports massage. Sonia has been massaging for over 20 years.

Sonia Dunne Bodyconceptz-811

Mental illness: Healing comes from within says reformed sufferer

In a recent revealing and intimate debut public speech, local ex-painter, Grant Gardner, bared his soul by telling his own story of depression, drug dependence and the consequential downward spiral of loss.
2 MF-Grant Gardner-813

Decision sparks more dispute for Domain 

At a recent meeting on January 8, Mangawhai Domain Committee (DC) unanimously voted to reject the proposal from Mangawhai Football Club (MFC) to develop the Domain grounds for a range of sporting activities. 
Mangawhai Domain sports complex concept plan-637

Gardening with Gael - Gardens grace gold rush town

Somewhere in a waiting room Box picked up a magazine and read an article on Ophir, a small settlement in Central Otago. Rich in historic buildings and lovely oldfashioned gardens it is a popular stop for people enjoying the Central Otago Rail Trail. 
IMG 6573-144

Mangawhai the hub of new magazine

‘Gather’ magazine officially saw the light of day at a special soiree held at Te Whai wines last week. The smart, glossy, perfect bound magazine made its debut on a stage that runs from Silverdale to Whangarei and beyond but has its embryo firmly attached to Mangawhai. 
Gather girls 4-831

Worzels World - Hearing the voices

Once, those who heard voices were lauded as prophets, priests, seers and shamans. Throughout history there are many who claim to have heard the voices of God, angels, devils and demons. Over recent times however disembodied voices emanate more often from such entities as television news readers and radio talk show hosts. This, though, does not necessarily mean these are not the voices of devils and demons.

Public have say on transport plan

Northland’s Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) 2015-2021 is now halfway through its sixyear lifespan and undergoing a legally required review, with public comment being sought until the end of the month.


News In Brief

Believe it or not Fish tales are nothing new but usually extend as far as a fisherman’s armspan. 
Un-believe it or not! Our spy’s walk took him to the northern end of the beach where a Kiwi family (Mum, Dad, two kids and a large dog) were enjoying themselves. 
Not a pretty sight Anglers have a responsibility to not only be aware of the sizes and numbers of fish they catch but also for any fouled lines which may be cut and discarded.

Letters to the Editor

Shame more didn't strike After reading the last denigrating letter
Mayoralty race: Experience Counts I recently attended candidates meeting
Best candidate the key In the coming postal vote for Mayor
Domain multi-sport facility proposal declined How dare six people make this outlandish decision
Correction Incorrect information regarding Bruce Rogan in previous issue.

Don’t be disappointed, book your walk now!

Organisers of the 19th Mangawhai Walking Weekend have introduced many new features to this years event, and are delighted with the response since bookings opened in January. Particularly pleasing has been the number of new walkers planning to join for the first time. 


Troubadour Trail sets scene for walkers

The Mangawhai Walking Weekend kicks off with a scene setting, atmosphere filled ramble around the estuary and streets in the heart of Mangawhai Heads.


Old cottage gets new lease on life

Over the past two years locals have watched and wondered as the 130-year-old cottage was first positioned, then completely renovated on the site known locally as 'the pageant ground’ and close to where the first Nova Scotian settlers landed in 1854.
Outside cottage-47

Ted celebrates birthday milestone in Mangawhai

A descendant of one of Mangawhais early settlers, William and Sarah Anne Moir, returned to the area last month to celebrate their 80th birthday.

Moir family at Ted Moir birthday-695

Dedicated patrol keeps sun seekers safe

Local life savers were kept on guard throughout the recent holiday season, overseeing up to 1000 people enjoying the sands of Mangawhai Heads surf beach during the peak period, and supervising 250 bodies cooling off in the waters every day.
MHVLS beach pic jan 18-350

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