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Surprise early launch for community grants



By Julia Wade

2 MF-Factory trustees 2018-974Trustees of a new local group, whose purpose is to finance worthy projects for Mangawhai, are delighted their first round of grants has been fast-tracked well ahead of schedule.

Mangawhai Community Opportunity Shop Trust (MCOST) are now accepting funding applications for their Mangawhai Community Enhancement funding (MCE) from community members, who have ideas and initiatives designed to benefit the local area.

Trading as Mangawhai Opportunity Factory, MCOST Chairman of Trustees, Roger Hill, says that the early start for the granting process has exceeded all expectations.

“It is all thanks to the wonderful community support, both in donating and purchasing products,” he says. “We’ve only been open three months and, while it is only early days in our development and the first round of funding will be a modest one, our goal is to build an expanding fund for the community, by the community, providing independent funding for projects that will enhance this great town.”

To date, MCOST has received nearly 30 applications for the MCE.

“It’s been exciting to see the different ideas that have come in,” Hill says. “We plan on having examples and photos of the chosen projects displayed on the Factory’s walls for the community to view.”

The successful applicants will be forwarded funds in March and, ‘if all goes well’ MCOST plan on a second funding round in the final quarter of this year.

In addition to the MCE, Hill also announced the Trust are accepting applicants for a new initiative, Mangawhai Youth Development, with 15 per cent of total funds raised being committed to local youth initiatives.

“The trust will work with schools, churches, sporting and cultural groups, taking their applications for funding support that will assist in providing Mangawhai youths the opportunity to realise their greater potential.”

Trustee members say they are humbled by the speed of acceptance and the community’s response to the ideals behind the Factory as well as the shop itself.

“The Factory has become a community,” Trustee Margie Murray says. “Volunteers have pride in the shop… and the community also seems proud.”

MCOST would like to give a collective big thanks to Mangawhai, saying ‘the support of the community is the only reason the Factory works.’

n Grant applications are being circulated with applications closing on February 28. For funding criteria and granting process timetable email Roger Hill, rghill@xtra.co.nz

MCOST trustees, who see themselves as responsible caretakers for the special initiative, say they are humbled by how the community has embraced the Factory’s philosophy. “Mangawhai seems to have just grabbed the idea and run with it!” new trustee Alison Baird says. Pictured from left, Margie Murray, Chair Roger Hill, Alison Baird, Reade Murray, Brett Denize and Ken Rayward.

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