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News in Brief

Dead shags in tree-510Not a pretty sight
Anglers have a responsibility to not only be aware of the sizes and numbers of fish they catch but also for any fouled lines which may be cut and discarded. Recently, in a tree on Wintle Street, five shags were seen dangling from hooks, all attached with a long piece of fishing line. It appears the line had been abandoned with baited hooks attached and the shags, as they are wont to do, have seized the opportunity of a quick feed, and carried their spoils to a nearby tree devouring the bait along with the hook and with disastrous results. – PHOTO/Supplied


Believe it or not
Fish tales are nothing new but usually extend as far as a fisherman’s armspan. This one is a little different but nonetheless entertaining – and true! Our spy, on a casual walk along Te Arai beach, came across two Maori gentlemen from Pouto running a Kontiki from Te Arai stream. You know the story – long line, lots of hooks, more fish in a shorter time. Usually a few tiddlers with the odd panny thrown in making it a good outing, but this time they hauled in a 1.25 metre marlin! Our spy wasn’t sure what breed (black, striped) but it was definitely a marlin and no doubt a talking point among mates. Has anyone else hooked anything similar in our warm summer waters?

Un-believe it or not!
Our spy’s walk took him to the northern end of the beach where a Kiwi family (Mum, Dad, two kids and a large dog) were enjoying themselves. Like good citizens they were seen to carry a plastic bag and clean up after their canine friend. All very commendable. However, when it came time to go home they loaded their beach gear into their car but threw the doggy-doos – plastic bag and all – into the tide. At a time when dog lovers are making submissions as to when and how they might use our beaches, this kind of behaviour doesn’t do their cause any good at all.

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