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24th February 2020

Skate park packs ‘em in for Bowl Jam

For the ninth year running skaters wowed spectators at a recent skateboarding competition, the largest such event in New Zealand, carving up the local bowl and performing a range of stunts, lifts and tricks on four wheels.

thumbnail Girls at Bowl Jam 2020-418

Ed Said - How dry is dry?

Though 71 per cent of the earth is covered in water, 96 per cent of that is salty and of little use to our daily needs, so the big dry continues though it could well be raining cats and dogs by the time this issue is printed. 

Sponsored kiwi avoidance training for dogs

Avoidance training can help reduce the threat dogs pose to kiwi in the Brynderwyns area. Many local dog owners have taken advantage of past training sessions and the next will take place on March 15, sponsored by Friends of the Brynderwyns Society.

thumbnail Meg with her kiwi avoidance training certificate-797

Fairy tern trust has doubts over MHRS mangrove study

Following the recent study by Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) which outlined positive findings regarding local mangrove management [Focus, Feb 10] the Focus approached another environmental guardian group for their perspective.
thumbnail 04 MF-FairyTreply2-749

Mayors Memo


Garden sets scene for art display

Ingenious art, soulful sounds and tasty entrees were all served up to a steady stream of visitors at the recent ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ exhibit, a collaborative fundraiser serving two local organisations, Mangawhai Art Inc and social services advocates, Te Whai Community Trust.

thumbnail 04 MF-Gardenart2b-91

Letters to the Editor

Do it once, do it right The proposed roundabout in the Village, when it goes ahead
So obvious There is a huge empty section on the corner of Moir Street and Molesworth Drive
Focus fake news I was alarmed by the headline in the Focus (Feb 10) 
A failed experiment I thank Kerry O'Malley, Peter Lynne and others who have alerted you 


Life membership for dedication and passion

A Mangawhai man says he is both ‘humbled and honoured’ to receive an environmental organisation’s highest honour for nearly a quarter of a century’s service to ‘a cause I am so passionate about’.

thumbnail 04 MF-Ray1-663

Police Snippets

Police say please report all crime
With the ongoing dry weather, water is a hot commodity which unfortunately can result in increased incidences of H20 theft.

Although some posts had appeared on local social media regarding tanks being emptied by brazen water theives

Love Kaipara ends but work continues

A three year stint of educating Kaipara communities about vital waste management and recycling techniques has come to a satisfying successful term for a dedicated team.


thumbnail 04 MF-Lovkaipara-622

Dancing for fun and friendship, mind and body

The Kaiwaka Scottish Country Dancing Club has been going strong since it started in July 2018 and boasts a membership of over 29 dancers.


thumbnail Kaiwaka scottish country dancing 2020-243

Dry summer leads to dry skin

We have had a lot of clients in the clinic lately with really dry skin on their face, body and feet. This is due to transdermal water loss in their skin. One of the reasons for this is the dry summer we have had.


Marking Mangawhai’s history along the trail

A series of curious standing stones have recently appeared along the main street in Mangawhai Villageand, when followed, will take an individual for a wander back in time.

thumbnail Church heritage trail stone-233

Gardening with Gael - Well, that's it for the beans

The unrelenting heat is taking its toll on our gardens and all gardeners. A common theme is a despairing ‘I’m going to have to let it go’. Jo has just told me she was watering her beans only to discover the green beetle has taken over. 

Royal Cape-290

Car show gets fans revved up

Waipu was heaving with visitors as the town hosted the annual Waipu Car & Bike Show on February 9. Parts of the town came to a standstill as crowds flocked to Caledonian Park to view the more than 500 cars and 150 bikes on display.
IMG 9848-318

High and dry in Mangawhai

Dust-covered cars, scorched land and water carriers trundling through the streets day and night – Mangawhai is slowly vaporising under a relentless blue sky.


thumbnail 04 MF-Bigdry1-802

Cool heads key message as dry conditions set to continue

Common sense, cool heads, and conserve water wherever you can: Those are three of the key messages at the moment from emergency services, Civil Defence and local authority representatives who met recently.

thumbnail drought-response-trio-media-20200210-1200-2-569

Quirky, catchy, cool jazz storyteller to perform

Country Homestead at Black Sheep Farm, Waipu Cove, is delighted to announce their next House Concert.


thumbnail Linn Lorkin-491

Worzel's World - New and comments on it

am not always right and when I am it is not always acknowledged. Many prefer to cling to a comfortable delusion than admit an uncomfortable truth. Here is some real news that paints a picture at odds with the predominant mainstream propaganda.


A challenge for Mums

Mums have lots of things in common – walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, cross-fit, the occasional boot camp and of course kids and Plunket, and it’s Wellsford Plunket who are sending out a challenge to Mums in a novel fundraiser happening at Action Matakana on April 5th.

Northland environmental champions wanted

Environmental champions are being asked to put their names forward for this year’s Environmental Awards, organised by the Northland Regional Council to recognise their work for the betterment of the region.


Big opportunities for Northland, need to get it right says NRC

Five massive infrastructure projects, already the backbone of a mayoral ‘Kia Kaha Northland’ campaign, will also strengthen Northland’s position as a growth region, the Northland Regional Council says.


Top of the Rock revamped

Kaiwaka Sports Association's annual multi-sport event, the Top of the Rock, will be held on Sunday March 8. However, there’s a bit of a twist.


thumbnail Top of the Rock-705

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