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Mental health focus for big charity run


Aussie sisters-675Four very fit young women are about to descend on Mangawhai and they would like our help on their quest to ‘Run4Mind’.

All fitness professionals, Aussie sisters Jenna and Rachael Laycock and Kiwi-born sisters Luisa and Pesi Feki will be attempting to run the length of NewZealand to raise money for two mental health foundations - Mind Australia and The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

“Our challenge begins at the top of the North Island in Cape Reinga on September 7 and ends at the bottom of the South Island in Bluff on October 8 and during our campaign we will be stopping through various locations in New Zealand,” says Rachael.

By September 11 the group will be at the Brynderwyns and have been offered a night’s accommodation by Amanda Lyne of Willow Creek B&B in Tara Rd.

“Within our team we have a full-time runner who will be covering on average 70km per day on foot for 32 days, a full time support cyclist and two support drivers/runners but invite any locals who would like to join us for a few kilometres just to help us on our way,” explains Rachael.

“We have a shared vision to inspire people who are suffering from mental health issues to get active and use exercise to assist with their treatment. With mental illness affecting so many, it is paramount that we rally together and invest in the wellbeing of our people.” The exact route and information is displayed on their website www.run4mind.com.au. You will also find links to their Facebook page and links to the foundations they will be sponsoring.

“Undoubtedly one of the greatest things about New Zealand is the people and the way we band together for a good cause.”

All donations will be gratefully received and, if donating on behalf of a business, you will be acknowledged through the website and regular updates. We’ll have a further update next issue of The Focus.

CHALLENGE: Jenna and Rachael Laycock will run the length of New Zealand

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