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Garden ramblers hanker for spring


31I know we’ve all had enough of this fickle weather of late. The clouds part giving us a lovely, but all too short, burst of warm sunlight before it quickly clouds over again and pelts us with another burst of wintry rain.

However, with September (and spring) just around the corner, undeterred, our Kindy team have again organised another fabulous line-up for the Palmers Planet Mangawhai Garden Ramble and they have just confirmed the 20th entry in the 2015 fixture to be held over the weekend of November 14-15.

Each year seems to be bigger and better than the last and this one is no different.There's something old, something new, there's big and bold and beautiful too though for entrants we wish some forgiving weather as they muck in and prepare to put their piece of paradise on show.

From the small cottage garden, to the entirely edible, the landscaped and well-manicured to the wild and wacky, most gardeners love variety. And it’s not just an opportunity to share your piece of paradise and your special gardening quirks and secrets but perform an invaluable service in supporting Mangawhai Plunket and Kindergarten.

Trends change as do our perception of our own gardens snd sometimes those beds we have planned, slaved over and lovingly tended get just as we want them. Five or six years later we feel we want a clean canvas, a remodel, a facelift or call-it-what-you-will and the garden ramble is just the place for ideas.

All entrants are happy to answer your questions and give up some of their best kept gardening secrets if asked nicely.

The event could be an opportunity to not only share your piece of paradise with ramblers but also make a contribution to services that support Mangawhai kids by fundraising for Mangawhai Kindergarten and Mangawhai Plunket.

Tickets on sale soon.

n To enter your garden, volunteer, or for more info from the Garden Ramble team, call 431 4333.

GREEN FINGERS: Garden lovers will have a variety of properties to wander around.

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