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21st March 2016 Issue


Donations support community

Two significant Mangawhai organisations who rely heavily on volunteers and funding, have recently been gifted a financial boost by an Australian wastewater corporation.


Trility MAZ 1-900

Conservation group holds kiwi avoidance training for dogs

Locals and their dogs prepare for training-451

Ed Said - A hand up or a hand out?


Your Questions Answered -  A road sealing policy   is in the making


New faces at Four Square

four square new owners-378

Top fisherman to give up his secrets


Key issues raised at Waipu meeting

PM visits waipu-130

Opinion - New flag, or flag the whole thing?

Though a product of the late 1940s, I don’t think I’ve ever had to pledge, hand on heart, allegiance to the flag and if I had I think it would simply be a matter of protocol rather than any teary-eyed promise to a somewhat estranged Mother Country.

NZ flag option-880

Rumours Te Arai campground to close

Conflicting stories are emerging on the closure of a popular northern campground.

According to forestry ranger and Te Arai campground manager, Mike Patterson, the camping area was due to be closed because of concerns over non-licensed dogs, falling branches and lack of profit.

Patterson, who has been employed since 2009 by owners John Darby Partners, says he was told that Te Arai campground will close down at the end of April, five months before the contract ends.

Worzels World - Lies, damn lies,  and statistics

Prior to Christmas a police spokesman was interviewed regarding the lower tolerance holiday period policy. The 10 kph buffer for those exceeding the posted speed limit would again be reduced to 4 kph. Speedometers are only certified to be accurate to within 5 percent yet the police insist on a 4 percent compliance margin.


Yellow Rose award winner inspired by mother

Every year on International Woman’s Day, roses the colour of the sun become a gift to an extra special woman, selected unanimously by peers for admirable qualities of dedication and service to her community.


Effluent reduction model helps compliance turnaround

A Northland farmer's unwavering determination to secure the resource consent compliance that had been eluding him has seen him play a key role in a potentially game-changing effluent reduction model for the dairy industry.

Off Roaders promise Easter highlight

Easter Saturday, and Mangawhai is about to awaken to the roar of off-roaders ringing across the valley from the new Hilltop Road venue.

ORANZ Roaund 2 Day 1 2012 19-826

Lingerie support for cancer survivors

Tucked away in a quiet Mangawhai road, a flourishing clothing business is offering choice and freedom to women who have endured a mastectomy and now live with prosthetic breasts.

MF-Tara Rd-949

Letters to the Editor

Wetland threat  - The planned cycle/walkway along the upper harbour poses a major threat
Other options - Regarding MCWWS Fact or Emotion from Dr. Ian Greenwood
Hapu need secure income - As I read the article by Julia Wade I wondered if I was at the same meeting as the writer.


Easter showcase for popular gallery

Continuing with the flow of successful art shows at the Moir street gallery, Mangawhai Artists Inc (MAI) have collaborated once again to showcase more of the creative talent that resides in the area.


Walking into a rocking weekend

Well, we now know what walkers like best. The ‘Bloke’s Sheds’ and ‘Garden Spectacular’ are completely sold out.

For early arrivals and those who like to amble, chat and enjoy an eclectic mix of music and talent, the Troubadour walk is not to be missed. 

Daughter of Ally logo 2-760-39

Shedding light on nutrition

​By the early 20th Century, scientists had discovered a remarkable correlation between the incidence of certain diseases and conditions, and the diets of those affected.

Jan Van der Lee-150

Waipu eagle takes off

Waipu’s Greg Maddox is widely known for his driftwood sculpture under the Tapatai Driftwood Creations banner. One of his more recent creations was entered in the Whangarei Sculpture Symposium during which a wide variety of sculptures and garden art were displayed, with 26 pieces being auctioned.
Waipu eagle sculpture-829

NEST now the Northland Rescue Helicopter

The Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) will now be known as the Northland Rescue Helicopter.

The move comes as a result of a need to maintain consistency when the trust’s helicopters are referred to in the media and by the public.


NEST 1-678

Classics at the Cove

For those who enjoy a rural atmosphere and an afternoon of entertainment from quality musicians, come along to Tahamoana, the beautiful Waipu Cove Angora goat farm.


Mangawhai Bowls

Our charity this year was St John, a very worthy cause to support. The generosity and support from sponsors, and members from The Club, MBC, MWBC and visiting teams was outstanding.The St John team were also on hand doing blood pressure tests, selling raffle tickets, and answering questions. 



Orca mother lost to the Mangawhai Coast

A sad sight greeted an early morning Mangawhai beach walker on March 18, with the discovery of a dead Orca.

Whale rescue researcher and co-founder, Dr Ingrid Visser, says the 2-3 tonne female most likely drowned in the last 24 hours.
photo 2-171

Double victory for Lillis in Logger Heads

​Stylish Logger Trent Lillis surfed to a double victory on Saturday March 12 at the annual Logger Heads III event.

Lillis, who is no stranger to competition, stormed to victory in both the Old Mal and Open Logger Division.


Open Loggers  L to R   Matt Cockayne   Moonbob   Trent Lillis   Branko V   Glen Johnson  TK-243
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