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Easter car and bike show gets fans revved up



thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow12-321DS & PHOTOS: JULIA WADE

Over 300 cars, trucks and motorbikes of all makes and models lined up at Mangawhai’s Easter weekend auto extravaganza, with some tripping in from as far as Kerikeri and Whangamata, as well as a collection from local motoring enthusiasts.

Visitors voted for their favourite vehicle in a variety of categories with prizes donated by a long list of local and Northland sponsors.

Initiated by members of Mangawhai Golf Club (MGC) the event – which has been 18 months in the making involving numerous volunteers – was a collaboration with the Mangawhai Muscle & Classic Car Club and the Domain committee.

MGC spokesperson and event co-MC, Mike Howard, says proceeds will be split between the Domain and the golf club for improvements and maintenance of their respective grounds, as well as benefitting other community activities such as the kids golfing group.

“The golf club often helps put funds into the local economy,” says Mike. “In recent years we have contributed over half a million dollars into Mangawhai, into the school, museum, cadets and scouts, harbour restoration society and the activity zone.

“Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors… it was great to see such a huge turnout from the Mangawhai area and from people all over the North Island. It’s quite amazing to know where people have come from today. These things don’t happen without public support. This is one of the events that will put Mangawhai on the map.”

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow2-599

Polka-dot Dargaville trio, Janelle Reynish and her two daughters, Sophia (4) and Isabella (1), first place in the Best Dressed Ladies Fashion Competition sponsored by Mangawhai boutique Dimity.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow3-893

Event co-MC John Phillis, fashion competition placegetter Sandra Strickland, and major event sponsor Lyndal Bowen from Dimity.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow5-582

Mangawhai’s Mark Williams and Kerry Shanta took a chance to dance to rockers ‘Mr RockaBilly Hood and the Steve Tulloch Band’.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow8-239

A different set of wheels, local Tony Vale on his NZ designed Segway-like Omeo.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow10-115

It aint easy being green, unless you’re a Pontiac Firebird. Kermit would approve!12

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow13-178

The Mercury Woodie station wagon is a pop culture icon, and a real head turner.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow14-720

This quintessential Chev Bel Air in baby blue looks just as good on the inside.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow19-988


According to this hood ornament, it all started when man invented the wheel.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow21-489

Not that a Corvette needs any help, but red just makes any sports car look fast!

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow23a-343

A row of Harley’s shows just how popular the iconic American brand really is.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow24-916

Mangawhai’s Don Windley and Rose Kaiotii from Whangarei who won a prize for the best-dressed female biker. Don’s 1952 Harley has led a diverse life, serving on the US police force as well as riding with a number of outlaw biker clubs before moving to NZ.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow25-646

The remarkable skill of renowned Whangarei airbrush artist Julia Tapp was showcased on several bikes and cars.

thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow31-985

Far North custom metal art company High Voltage, owned by Marty and Helen Ward, put up a free raffle for one of their designs.


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