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12th April Issue 2021

Miss Ruby’s big day out

With gleaming chrome, buffed curvaceous bodies and proud rumbling engines, east Kaipara’s brand-new fundraiser – the Mangawhai Muscle, Classic and Bike Extravaganza 2021 – went full throttle.
miss ruby-687

Ed Said - We don't know how lucky we are

As the first anniversary of the covid outbreak here ticks by, life in New Zealand seems to have slipped back into a fairly com-fortable rhythm for many of us.

Historic  shipwreck returns  to Mangawhai

The historic wreck of a more than century-old Mangawhai-built schooner will soon return home.

The Daring rescue team-356

Big future for girls in infrastructure

Women have a major role to play in the future of Northland’s infrastructure sector. That’s the belief of Northpower Network General Manager Josie Boyd following a ‘Girls in Infrastructure’ event at Golden Bay Cement.
thumbnail  NPL0403-966

New coastal hazard maps due for release mid-April

The pending release of new coastal hazard maps for Te Taitokerau is part of a growing, shared momentum from North-land’s councils to help their communities.
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Enthusiastic kids catch science bug

Set in the leafy canopy of an outdoor classroom, a recent holiday programme, which engages young inquisitive students with the wonders of the natural world, has been so successful the class is set to become an all-year event. 

thumbnail 7 MF-Gardenclub4-188-681

Surf beach comes alive with sand sculpture

Armed with shovels, buckets, spades and braving a strong easterly wind, adults and children alike eagerly buried their hands deep in local sands recently to create a prize-worthy work of art at the inaugural Mangawhai Sand Sculpture Comp.
thumbnail 7 MF-Sandcomp8a-476

Time running out to have say on NRC’s new 10-year plan

Time is running out for people to have their say on a Long Term Plan designed to meet new central government requirements, boost regional resilience and realise the North’s collective potential in changing times.

Worzel's World: Something sincerely faithful

I have asserted that the schooling and the education (for these two are separate and distinct) that were enjoyed or endured by me and my peers was superior to anything provided since. It is easy to attribute this assertion to a sense of superiority and the natural bias to nostalgically...

Givealittle appeal  to help save our beaches

The Stop Sandmining–Save Our Beaches community movement has created an enormous wave of local awareness and concern over the irreversible environmental impacts commercial sand mining would inflict to our coastal beaches. 
thumbnail Delylah Dukes-783

Easter car and bike show gets fans revved up

Over 300 cars, trucks and motorbikes of all makes and models lined up at Mangawhai’s Easter weekend auto extravaganza, with some tripping in from as far as Kerikeri and Whangamata, as well as a collection from local motoring enthusiasts.
thumbnail 7 MF-Eastershow12-287

Breeding season for rare tara iti offers hope for future

New management techniques for Aotearoa’s rarest endemic bird, the tara iti/New Zealand fairy tern offers a hope for the future of the species.
thumbnail taraitizoo3-231

Mangawhai Central: We won some concessions

The Commissioners have released their decision about Plan Change 78 for Mangawhai Central. The developer sought changes to the already consented District Plan from its current maximum of 500 residential lots.
matters logo-350

Whale rescue highlights need for training

Local lifeguards involved in the Easter Weekend rescue of a five-metre beached whale nicknamed ‘The Hoff’ due to his attention-seeking beach behaviour, was a dramatic and exciting end for the organisations season and has also identified the potential for a different type of training. 
thumbnail 7 MF-Strandedwhale1-869

Epilogue: The Hoff back with the pod

The plight of stranded false killer whale ‘The Hoff’, has been recorded by whale watch organ-isation Far Out Ocean Research Collective, who happily report the mammal is doing well. 

thumbnail 7 MF-TheHoff-523

New driver training initiative to start in Mangawhai

Te Whai Commu-nity Trust are now taking names for their new free Learner Licence Driver Programme in Mangawhai. There will be five free small group programmes running throughout the year during school term and school holidays. 
thumbnail Driver training volunteers-187

The Climate Chap: It ain’t half hot mum!

Who would have thought that the boy who studied A Level Climatography back in Barking would be writing this article in Mangawhai 55 years later? I passed! I’m writing this column while Sydney is vanishing underwater. 

Waka Kotahi calls for community collaboration on designing a safer state highway network

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is keen to hear community views on the right speeds for each unique part of the Northland and north/ north-western Auckland state highway network.

Mangawhai wastewater debt crystal clear

Kaipara District Council has  published  a  report about the outstanding historic debt and capacity of the Mangawhai Wastewater Scheme (MWWS).


Rediscover your mojo at women’s wellness weekend

Spending a weekend surrounded by panoramic ocean views, unwinding, tuning inward and taking on local pristine surf with other like-minded women, is now an affordable reality with the launch of Aotearoa Surf’s brand-new, all-female surf and yoga programme
thumbnail 7 MF-Womensweekend2-612
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