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Free beauty clinic a novel sales pitch


Nina Quan-205It’s not every day you get the opportunity to acquire a fully operational, award-winning business for free, but this is exactly what is on offer in Paparoa right now.

Skin Image owner and operator Nina Quan is consolidating her beauty business in Waipu where she now lives, and is offering her award winning Paparoa business as a going concern, for nothing, provided the new owner buys the building in which the clinic is housed. 

The commercially zoned building on the main street of the little township is set up as a beauty clinic with two consulting rooms, reception area, storage and office room, toilet, kitchenette, laundry and a large covered deck at the back. Each consulting room is fully set up for beauty and massage treatments and has a sink, bench unit and a reverse-cycle air conditioning unit.

The give-away business incorporates all the clinic equipment (trolleys, hot towel cabbies, wax pots, maggi lamps, steamer, skin scanner), washing machine, furniture, beds, linen and current stock, so a new owner can just walk in and take over. 

The deal may include goodwill, as some clients will probably want to continue to get their treatments locally. 

“It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone who has always dreamed of having their own clinic,” Nina says. “The new owner will be walking into an existing, fully operational business with a great foundation and reputation.” 

The clinic was a finalist in the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals best new clinic category for 2017/18.

The naming rights of the existing business, Skin Image, is not included in the gift “but here is a space already set up for someone to put their stamp on it” says Nina.

If the new owner does not want to continue with the business they can choose to sell the equipment and furnishings, or they can lease out the business or run another business. 

“The set-up and location lends itself to many small business opportunities.” 

 Contact Nina direct at Skin Image, 022 394 1184, if you would like more info.

Nina Quan is offering her award-winning Paparoa beauty clinic for free.
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