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Worzels World - The subtle science of subterfuge


There are many who, if they read it in a book or see it on the news, accept it as truth. A new study shows that people will believe almost anything if it is prefaced by the words ‘a new study shows‘. Those diagnosed by a doctor as having a terminal condition usually go obediently off and die like Aborigines who have had the bone pointed at them. Likewise for non-terminal conditions, if the expert – the economist, the scientist, teacher preacher or pollster – says it is so then it is often accepted.

This is by reason of the sure and certain knowledge and inherent awareness that as individuals we know that we don’t know much. When it comes to life the universe and everything we are not only acutely aware of great holes in our knowledge but also realise that there exists vast horizons of totally unexplored territory about which we know absolutely nothing. 

Discussion of the possibilities of mysteries that lie beyond knowing are but dreams and conjecture. It is therefore easy for those who know a little about something to be easily believed by those who know nothing about anything. Which is most of us. This obvious truth is further complicated by the fact that many who know very little about not much, through pride, delusion, and denial of these obvious truths, erroneously believe that they know a fair bit about all sorts. 

For those who know nothing about anything there is also the ever-present temptation to pretend they know something about something as it is through such pretence that they can acquire the ephemeral badges of wealth and status. Yes you can actually fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time. But thankfully no one yet has fooled all of the people all of the time. 

The only check to all pervasive delusion is that there are still a few amongst us who possess the precious gift of discernment. Those who exercise such a gift don’t necessarily have a handle on what is, but they can at least spot that which pretends to be but which is not.  

It is because we know so little that we must engage in what is called science. And science is merely ‘the study of the physical world using systematic observation and experimentation’. Sadly in the modern world, science, much like religion and philosophy, has been hijacked in order to serve an agenda. Much of what purports to be science is in fact not science at all. It is scientism. This is a strange esoteric hybrid that has aspects of both religion and philosophy incorporated into it but dishonestly wants to look like it has been based on empirical proof when it is not.

Scientism has more in common with witchcraft and alchemy than with rigorous testing and experimentation. Real science has given us such useful tools as Newton’s law of gravity, Faraday’s, Ohms and Watt’s laws of electro technology, and the physical laws of aerodynamics and thermodynamics. These laws and many like them are used in industry everyday. They have been proven true. Scientism on the other hand has given us theories and a theory is merely an unproven opinion. 

Theories are not laws because they have not or cannot be tested by repeatable and observable experimentation. Darwinian evolution is one such theory. In his book ‘The origin of Species’, Darwin himself admits the many holes and uncertainties in his theory. Since then further evidence has widened rather that closed those holes. Likewise scientism has been used to disseminate a widespread fiction of manmade climate change through the primary agency of so called greenhouse gas production. That there is and has always been climate change there is no doubt. That we have made a bit of a mess of things and polluted the planet, there is also no doubt. Yet for every scientist who supports the notion of climate change through man made CO2 emissions you will find  another who ascribes its cause to altered levels of solar radiation  combined with many other factors. This though is not widely reported. The notion that ‘climate change’ is ‘settled science’ is true enough simply because the climate is always changing. It’s causes though are still very much open to debate. 

Anyone that ascribes a given effect to a single cause lacks credibility. Any assertion that suggests that remedial action can be taken in the form of a tax placed on that single cause has crossed the line from science to fraud. Another cause for scepticism is that in order to be taken seriously, unlike politicians, science must be honest, open and transparent. Both Darwin and Einstein were honest enough to refer to their opinions as theories. Yet I have yet to hear the climate change proponents refer to it as a theory. And whose theory is it anyway? To date no reputable researcher has been prepared to put their name to it.

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Sadly in the modern world, science… has been hijacked in order to serve an agenda. Much of what purports to be science is in fact not science at all. It is scientism.

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