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Worzel's World - Strange but true


Fact they say is stranger than fiction and in the post-modern upside down world of today, in order to be thought strange something has to be so far out of left field that it is over the stadium walls, beyond the car park, and several streets into the suburbs.

The cornucopia of true facts that I have found for this column may pass as the new normal for Generation Z, but for those of us who are remnants of an earlier more predictable age when the village idiot and the local MP were different people, we can only shake our heads and mutter, WTF?

In these days of overcaution and government agencies preoccupied with health and safety, it may come as a surprise to some that more people die taking selfies than in shark attacks. Pride, so it is said, comes before a fall. Narcissism and vain conceit are not at all helpful either.

The second piece of weirdness concerns a Swedish heavy metal band. That is, I reckon, pretty weird by itself. Whatever happened to the proud legacy of Swedish pop sensation Abba? Ah how times have changed. Apparently these head bangers were so dedicated to their dark art that they enrolled in a bible study course in order to learn how to better blaspheme God. They got converted instead, and are now a Christian heavy metal band, which surely makes about as much sense as a vegan steak restaurant. Needless to say they haven’t cracked the big time yet. However, this news has inspired the thought of forming a band to record a punk version of Dancing Queen. Mamma mia, here we go again.

Over in the USA, the very heart of modern madness, Trump is suing both the New York Times and the Washington Post for libel over false defamatory statements about the Russia conspiracy. He will have to present hard evidence to the courts. Will it be that difficult to prove that these mainstream media outlets have reported ‘fake news’? I don’t think so. Mike Bloomberg spent over $4 million on advertising himself as a democratic nominee and practically nobody voted for him. Yet they reckon a couple of hundred thousand spent by Russia swayed the national election Trumps way. Our government should count itself lucky that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement was scuttled, otherwise they may well have been held accountable for our staterun Radio New Zealand also parroting this fake news without ever bothering to check the facts.

In early March that very same channel of socialist liberal truthspeak reported that the Armed Offenders Squad had been called out 50 times more often than in the previous year. If there is even the merest grain of truth in this news it clearly indicates that the many millions of dollars of our money spent to buy legally owned firearms off law-abiding Kiwis and turning them into worthless scrap metal clearly didn’t achieve the stated results.

Or did they? What was it that they really wanted to achieve anyhow? Is the government’s stated desired outcome ever the actual result? Whilst taking firearms off the public one arm of the State were shopping at the global gun shop. In response to an Official Information Act (OIA) request I found out that in the previous 10 months the NZ Police purchased 486 tasers, 992 Glock pistols, 929 rifles and an additional 72 LaRue marksman (sniper) rifles, and 34 Breaching shotguns. This is a serious quantity of ordnance in anyone’s armoury. Are we expecting a war or something? Does anyone remember the good old days when cops wore hard hats, carried batons and shootings were rare indeed? Looking on the bright side, with only 34 new shotguns the ducks are pretty safe.

In 2019 a record number of 1640 CEO’s resigned from the world’s major corporations. In January 2020 another 219 resigned, a record for a single month. At that time the stock market was hitting record highs and the average Joe had never heard of such a thing as the coronavirus. I have lived too long and seen too much to believe in coincidences. Did these movers and shakers know something that those outside elite globalist circles did not, now many of these and others of the rich and famous 1 per cent have headed for bolt holes in the Ozark mountains or here in New Zealand? I can feel another OIA request coming on.

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More people die taking selfies than in shark attacks.

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