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Worzel's World - It's only theory

I was accosted by a fellow in the street. It’s the price I pay for writing in the paper. “Hey,” he said (he shall remain unnamed for everyone’s benefit and also because I can‘t remember his name) “I read your article about the coronavirus and it gave me food for thought.”

I had some empathy with him as I was on my way to get a filled roll for lunch. “Would ya like to hear my theory?” he asked. “I have no idea how many people read my column but I don’t want to discourage any of them. As long as it’s only a short theory,” I replied, as my stomach rumbled.

“Okay I’ll make a long story short, he said. In my experience this introduction usually results in making a short story long. I psychologically braced myself. “So,” he began “they have these scientists making viruses and they especially want to create viruses that can target specific racial DNA, to use them as bio weapons or for population control by culling specific ethnic groups. The Nazi’s tried to do something similar but didn’t quite have the technological know-how back then.

“Well, they have these bio weapons but aren’t too sure how they will work, so they need to test ‘em eh. They get one that targets Asian DNA and of course they’re not going to release it in their own back yard. Even if it works as planned the globalist elites still like a Chinese takeaway now and then. Knowing that exposure to high frequency EMF radiation lowers people’s immune response they release it in Wuhan, a Chinese city totally blanketed with 5G. This gives them the ability to see how effectively it works and also ticks a lot of other boxes too.

“They could for instance scare the people into accepting totalitarian measures without protest as we have seen in Hong Kong. It would also tie up the news narrative while behind the scenes they try to crash the global economy and by doing so prevent the re-election of Trump. The virus could be blamed for the collapse and deflect attention from the global central banks who are the real cause of the problem. If the propaganda broadcast by the media is effective enough in instilling irrational fear into a gullible populace it would be a cinch to advance the agenda for a one-world government totalitarian police state while claiming it is for the protection of the people.

“Last, but not least, they could release a vaccine – which is actually what people should really be worried about – to make piles of cash and introduce carcinogenic pathogens into millions whilst making them pay for the privilege. That wasn’t too long now was it?” he asked. “Whadya reckon?”

“Well,” I replied “if there really is a secret globalist cabal who have access to almost unlimited wealth and power, who run most multinational corporations like big tech and big pharma and who pull the strings of government and media from behind a dark veil… Provided such as these have complete disdain for their fellow man coupled with an absence of empathy and unbelievable selfishness and are hell bent on wielding supreme executive power, well, then I expect your theory might be feasible. It’s certainly food for thought.”

I thanked him and hurried off to find the last filled roll had been sold only moments before. I have no fear of the coronavirus. It will peter out just like SARS, MERS, Zika, bird flu, swine flu and every other contrived pandemic. No doubt a few who are already at deaths door will get nudged through by this minor ailment.

I am utterly sick of the coronavirus, but before you call the police and have me carted off and put into isolation, I am sick of the coronavirus not from the coronavirus. Amazing how much difference one word can make isn’t it? Those that know how to manipulate the public know that it is all a matter of perception. It even seems to have gone viral on YouTube.

But what is the reality? In the four months it has been loose the WHO have ‘ascribed’ around 3000 deaths in 76 countries to COVID-19. By comparison, in the US alone each year around 600,000 die of cancer, 300,000 from obesity related illness, 250,000 from medical errors, 230,000 from Alzheimers, 55,000 from flu, 45,000 by suicide, and 700,000 babies are killed by abortion. Soon hundreds of thousands or maybe millions will die of starvation in Africa and Asia due to the locust plague.

Sadly, and shamefully, here in the affluent West women engage in fisticuffs over the last roll of toilet paper. Maybe a bit of perspective is needed instead of the headless chook panic which seems to have been engendered by sensationalised media scare tactics. There is much in this sad and bad old world that we should be concerned about. Coronavirus is way down the list.

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