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Worzels World - Entering occupried territory


We have become used to images on the telly of the casualties of war: the bleeding children and crying women, a man on a hospital trolley with a bandaged half leg. Consequently it will come as a major surprise to many that here in New Zealand we have been engaged in a war for quite some time and are losing.

In his seminal work ‘The Art of War’ written several millennia ago, Chinese master tactician Sun Tzu said, ‘the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting‘. 

I visited the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert where I once lived. As a result of the current war it is now occupied territory. While I’ve been up here in the Kaipara engaged in a losing battle to combat the capture of our council, the rapine of the ratepayer and the pillaging of Kaipara’s resources, Mt Albert was completely over-run by invaders. It seemed like overnight the signs had been repainted in the various languages of the occupying forces. Like many countries in Europe and Africa we now have a different nation within the same land mass. New Zealand no longer. 

As I walked around the once familiar shops and buildings I had a sense of deja vu not to living in Mt Albert but to times past when I visited South East Asia and Islamic North Africa. Neither these experiences nor my schooling had equipped me for shop signs written in languages indecipherable to me, a mono-lingual English speaker.

I recalled a time when I crossed the vast oceans to visit the homelands of the exotic nationalities that now occupy Mt Albert. In their own countries they had very few signs in English. In those days it was expected that visitors would learn the ways of the host nation. A ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ ethic prevailed. However I suppose nations conquered by Julius Caesar effectively became extensions of Rome. And so it is today that nations that have lost ground to foreign invaders must adopt their customs and character.  

Had I been prepared to wait a few years for them to come here I could have saved thousands of dollars and a great deal of time visiting Thailand and Morocco, but it was probably a more exotic and satisfying experience visiting such fine people in their homelands rather than have them come to stay in the back yard sleep-out of Mt Albert. I found after a short time it was. Some places are great to visit but I don’t want to live there. I did live with a Muslim family in North Africa for a time. They were my friends and I was a friend to them. These particular people I would trust with my life. They were, and I hope still are, honest and earnest people with strong wills and good character. However contrary to the trite assertion post Christchurch Mosque attack saying 'they are us' – they are not.

Don’t misunderstand me. I can and did easily live in a society where alcohol is forbidden, where adulterers, homosexuals, prostitutes, and trans-genders are stoned to death. I am not averse necessarily to thieves having their right hands cut off. No, that is all okay with me. It is the five times daily obeisance to Mecca that I refuse to observe and the possible decapitation as an infidel that could under Sharia law be the result of that refusal. No Muslim is my enemy. But Islam most certainly is.  

New Zealand once had customs and a character of its own although most Kiwi’s didn’t recognise it and almost all took it for granted. Winston (Peters) has alluded to the vague concept of New Zealand values. I expect he means the comparatively idyllic egalitarian paradise that he and I were born into and were raised in. Sadly it is no longer the ‘Half Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova Paradise’ that Gordon McLauchlan wrote about. The war was waged and won while New Zealanders were doing other things. They did not bother turning up to that battle and still refuse to acknowledge the occupation. When once ANZAC's mounted what must be the least successful invasion in history on the Muslim Turks, they were summarily dealt to by men defending their homeland.

We have allowed our country to be overtaken and strangely it is not even really the fault of the occupying forces. It is rather the fault of treason and betrayal within our own ranks.

There is a memorial in practically every New Zealand town erected to the memory of those who lost their lives resisting Germany's European invasion. Yet their destruction was not primarily the fault of German military men but rather those darker forces of politics, conquest and power that control the machinery of war. Those forces are still at work today.

What could not be taken by main force then has instead been conquered by stealth and ideological subversion both here and in a Britain that we once fought so hard to protect. They conquered with the lie that there is strength in diversity. This has never been true. There is much greater strength in unity and common values. 

Embracing change we have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. We have given away an autonomy and sovereignty that was bought with the blood and sweat of our forefathers. Unlike a long lost yesterday maybe this time she’ll not be right unless we really decide to make it so, and perhaps now there are a few worries mate. Happy ANZAC day. Lest we forget.

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We have allowed our country to be overtaken and strangely it is not even really the fault of the occupying forces. It is rather the fault of treason and betrayal within our own ranks.

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