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Why does the skin around our eyes age faster?


Did you know that the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner then the skin on the rest of your face? This is why we need to care for it differently. Eye products and serums are formulated with this in mind; they have finer textures that can melt into the delicate skin without causing puffiness. If you use a cream that is too heavy, or use oils around the eyes, this will be too much for the finer skin and will result in either blocked pores and milia deposits (hard sebum that has crystalised) also swelling that leaves you with puffy eyes. 

The skin around the eyes is constantly moving; blinking alone creates 10,000 movements a day so it's no wonder that along with constant movement and thinner skin that the eye area ages a lot faster then the rest of our face. 

So what can we do about it? Invest in a good quality professional eye product so you can trust the formula. Don't settle for any old eye cream. We all know that sun exposure ages our skin so wear your sunglasses regularly protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. Drink plenty of water to help with elasticity. 

Treat your skin to professional eye treatments at skin clinics that cater for the eye area. Professional eye treatments involve gentle exfoliation, hydrating serums to plump, and lymphatic drainage massage, followed by decongesting mask treatments to help with puffiness. 

Since the eyes are the focal point to our face, once you start taking care of this area properly, you will be amazed at how much younger you will look! For advice on what you can use at home and about the clinic eye treatments give your local skin clinic a call.

 Alex Donald is owner of Pure Essence Face & Body Clinic and has worked in the beauty industry for 20 years. Online pureessence.co.nz.

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