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Wastewater Bylaw a positive step for environment

A Council bylaw that was introduced just over a year ago has been “a positive step for the environment and the communities of Kaipara” says acting chief executive Peter Tynan.

The bylaw was adopted following a large number of failing wastewater systems and the concern about potential environmental and health risks.
Kaipara District Council’s Spokesman, Ben Hope, says the purpose of the bylaw is “to protect the health of the public and environment by taking a proactive management approach.”

Property owners with wastewater disposal systems must ensure their system operates to a safe and satisfactory standard and check the health of the system once every five years.
System failures can result in nuisances such as offensive odour, wastewater seepage and other forms of environmental pollution.

Prior to the new bylaw, Council officers discovered a large number of property owners did not understand the importance of system maintenance or the environmental implications when not maintained. As a result a high percentage of onsite systems were found to be poorly maintained.
Council says problems escalate quickly when septic tanks are not looked after and this can have both environmental and health consequences,
“The introduction of the Wastewater Drainage Bylaw, which includes maintenance and performance inspections and an approval programme for septic tanks, has been a great step to work with communities to maintain the environment we all enjoy,” says Ben Hope.

A WOF check includes engaging an onsite servicing specialist to undertake (for a fee) a regular WOF service and performance check. 
The WOF inspection report will advise when the septic tank or treatment plant compartments need to be desludged or pumped out, whether your land application area needs attention, and how the overall system is performing.

If you would like a health check of your wastewater system contact council@kaipara.govt.nz. The Council Bylaw Officer will recommend a suitably qualified person to carry out a warrant of fitness check.
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