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Waipu venue for pest trapping workshop


Trapper training workshops have been held in Mangawhai through the Marunui Conservation Trust. Next weekend will see the first to be held in Waipu. 

Todd Hamilton from Backyard Kiwi will lead the trapping workshop with Ngaire Tyson from Kiwi Coast and Steve Henderson, Northland Regional Council. 

Todd will explain why, in unprotected areas, 95 per cent of kiwi chicks don't survive, and demonstrate the different types of traps, how to bait and set them, and how to check them regularly.

With the kiwi released four years ago in Marunui now breeding, safe space is needed for them to spread out on both sides and across the Brynderwyn Hills (Piroa). A network of traps called ‘the ring of steel' affords protection at the top of these hills. This network needs to expand further to the bush areas and farmland around Waipu, Langs Beach, Bream Tail and Mangawhai to deal to the main threats to kiwi.

Targeted rates funding from Northland Regional Council will be used to grow the trap network from around 400 to a target of 1000 over the next five years.

Key threats to kiwi are mustelids with stoats at the top of the target list. Natural-born killers, stoats can kill several times a day. Kiwi eggs and chicks are especially vulnerable. Ferrets and weasels are also found quite commonly around Waipu and the hills. Possum and uncontrolled dogs are also high on the list. 

Locals have already shown a lot of interest in trapping networks on both sides of the Brynderwyn Hills and on the Waipu Spit but there is a need for more volunteers to keep up with the trap bait renewals during the summer season.

Technology such as the Traps.nz software helps by using GPS to locate traps, update records and tally up catches for reports.

 The workshop is a great refresher or opportunity to learn new skills but space is limited so email Ann at aneill.nz@gmail.com or phone 027 432 1833 for a reservation. Details: Sunday September 23, 1.30pm to 4pm, top of Massey Rd, Waipu.

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