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Volunteer evening shows plenty of hands up to help out



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Mangawhai’s army of local volunteers enlisted a few more willing helpers recently at an event designed for community organisations to showcase their purposes and philosophies.

Prospective volunteers were spoilt for choice at this year’s second Volunteers Networking Evening, with over 20 established groups offering an array of interesting roles and activities.

Organised by the Mangawhai Information Centre (MIC) committee – aka Noela Gunson, Val Cleaver and Dorothy Freeman and held at Mangawhai Tavern, who provided free drinks with catering courtesy of Kaipara District Council (KDC) – the November 12 event attracted a good crowd of budding volunteers and serial hands-on helpers eager to donate their time, energy and talent to a worthy cause.

Supporting local wellbeing, environmental health, causes and events, community organisations offered a vast list of roles from budgeting, problem-solving and administration, to outdoor work and animal surveillance and control, working with artifacts and art as well as driving, coordinating events and fundraising, and helping others to feel good about themselves.

MIC spokesperson Val Cleaver says the evening was a success with a great turnout.

“There are many people in the community who are interested in being volunteers and the idea was to give them the opportunity to find out what is available and to recruit them to help local organisations,” she says. “It was also a great way for people to find a new interest as well as profiling the range of organisations that exist here in Mangawhai.”

Volunteering also offers a chance for new locals to meet others and the key to choosing an organisation is for people to focus on what they are passionate about instead of feeling pressure ‘that they have’ to donate their time.

“Thank you to our local organisations and volunteers for coming along to meet and sign up to help out our wonderful community,” Cleaver says. “Also a big thanks to the Tavern and the KDC for their support in this event.”

Mangawhai information centre is aiming to become a community hub providing community information. To be able to do this successfully they need to ensure they can gather as much information from the community as possible. To know more please, contact mangawhaiinfo@gmail.com.


‘Pulling it all together’ to match volunteers with organisations, the Mangawhai Information Centre team with, (from centre left) KDC community advisor Gail Featherstone, MIC’s Noela Gunson, Val Cleaver and Dorothy Freeman. “If you have a volunteer network, what do you need from it to make it worthwhile?” Fotheringham says. “I’m here to see what people in the community need and how we can support each other.” PHOTO/JULIA WADE


“It was also a great way for people to find a new interest as well as profiling the range of organisations that exist here in Mangawhai.”

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