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Using design to combat climate change



Emma McLean - graphic artist-384Local graphic designer, Emma McLean, is set to inspire at the Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow in November. The event, hosted by climate change awareness group Track Zero, will explore the relationship between creativity and climate change.

McLean, director of Hue Creative, a Waipu-based graphic design and consultancy company, is one of four artistic professionals chosen to contribute to the free event at Whangarei Quarry Gardens on November 12. She will be joined by painter and sculptor BJ Natanahira, award winning artist and director Dan Mace and artist and textile designer Rona Ngahuia Osborne in discussion with climate scientists Professor James Renwick and Dr Craig Stevens as well as the founder of Track Zero Sarah Meads in an inspiring exploration of how the arts can contribute to combating climate change.

McLean is thrilled to be part of the event. 

“Climate change is a very real issue and I love when my professional work aligns with my personal values,” she says. “When you can use your skills to contribute to the world it is very rewarding.”

McLean will share her wisdom from 12 years in the graphic design industry, which lead from working for large firms overseas to forming her own company, Hue Creative, which produces work for business, government, community and philanthropic enterprises throughout Northland.

“Graphic design to me is a way to reach a wide audience with ease,” McLean says. “In this busy day and age not a lot of people are going to sit down and read a lengthy article about climate change but an infographic might catch their eye and really stay with them. It takes very little effort to simply look at a picture and our minds connect the dots and make a story around it. That’s why graphic design is so important. The messages we can send are extremely powerful and wide reaching.”

McLean, a mother of three, is also project coordinator for environmental organisation Love Kaipara which has recently created a video to inspire students to reduce waste, which she will launch at the Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow. 

“I’m very interested in working with my local community to engage, promote and connect,” McLean says. “I work will all kinds of different people but I’m particularly inspired by those that are making a difference in Northland. The work I do in the community sector is some of the best work I do and I believe it excels because I am inspired. If the message resonates with me then I can really help communicate that message.”

Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow at Whangarei Quarry Gardens, 5.30pm until 8.30pm on Monday, November 12.

Emma McLean says using her skills to contribute to the world is very rewarding.

“Climate change is a very real issue and I love when my professional work aligns with my personal values.”

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