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Teaching the brain to control pain


Banoo Matin-936Hi, my name is Banoo Matin, a naturopath and medical herbalist specialising in ozone therapy as well as SCENAR. I work in Auckland and at Waipu Natural Health, where I have completed over 3000 hours of internship and training in ozone therapy and SCENAR with Dr Wayne McCarthy ND.

My current focus is furthering my education in ozone therapy by long-distance study to receive a Diploma with AEPROMO, the Spanish Association of Medical Practitioners in Ozone Therapy. I will be flying to Madrid in March to complete an internship – so excited!

Today I'd like to share one of the more interesting and effective devices I use in my practice: SCENAR. This is an acronym for Self-Contained Electronic Neuro Adaptive Response, and was first used by Russian cosmonauts in the 1980s when they went into space, as a simple practical method of self-healing.

The SCENAR is a hand-held, non-invasive device that works by using electrical impulses to stimulate your brain, interprets the brain's response and then modifies it's next impulse so there isn't a pattern your brain or body can latch on to. What that means is by using biofeedback (focusing on electrical brain activity), pain in a particular area of the body can be decreased in a very short period of time.

It is used in so many different ways, for pain relief (chronic or acute) on shoulders, neck, knees, back – it eases tense muscles and conversely, tightens weak muscles. The SCENAR increases cellular energy, improves circulation, and may assist reduction of inflammation or swelling from injuries.

My goal is to assist you in improving your health concerns by utilising tools such as the SCENAR, ozone therapy, herbs, and naturopathy to help bring your body back into balance so it is empowered to heal. I'd love to hear from you. Please call 021 262 3960 or Waipu Natural Health 09 432 1325.

Banoo Matin

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