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Reaching health goals with hypnotherapy


Weight loss – is it all in the mind? Read the testimonial of former Top Catch salesman Rex who shed kilos following ‘gastric band’ hypnosis.

“When I was offered a retail sales job that offered ‘the opportunity to grow’ I was somewhat dismayed to discover the biggest area of growth sadly, was around my waist. The sedentary nature of the job, poor food choices and a poor work/life saw me eating convenience foods on the job and adding 20kg onto an already ample frame within two years. 

“I knew I had a problem, despite several well intended steps to take better care of myself and shed some kilos, I kept slipping back into old habits and undoing any small gains I’d made. I wasn’t feeling great about myself – I was buying 4XL, hated being photographed, my health was deteriorating quickly with my blood pressure at a dangerously high level, this was affecting my physical and mental health.

Then I heard about Jeanette’s program using a ‘virtual gastric band’. I gave up smoking 20 years ago with hypnotherapy, so I knew it worked. 

“After the first session, physically, I didn’t feel any different, but the prompts that Jeanette installed into my subconscious mind started to kick into action straight away. I started eating smaller portions, avoided falling into traps that had caught me previously. I’ve not felt deprived. I’m not on a diet. If I want to eat something, I will, but in smaller, controlled amounts. The added benefit of this is that with some weight off, I put on my trainers and get decent exercise. 

“To date, my weight has dropped from 138kg to 120kg, putting me back to the weight I was before starting to pile it on. My goal is 105kg, I’m halfway there, and am confident of dropping to this level in a timely and maintainable manner. 

“I’ve had great success with this. Jeanette has such a professional manner that you feel totally at ease with her, several times I’ve thanked her for what she has done for me, yet she keeps reminding me that I’ve done it myself, all she claims credit for is giving me the right mind-set to allow me to do it. 

I highly recommend this procedure for anyone that finds themselves where I was, and I’m happy to discuss this with anyone on a one-on-one basis, I’m so pleased I made the decision to take control back of my health! 
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