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Willem Muriel photo-6Regardless of your age, planning your career path and revisiting your career situation regularly is your insurance policy for an enjoyable and rewarding future. 

We spend on average 30% of our life working through several life stages which we know impact on our career as well as on our personal life, our children, our relationships and our happiness in general. 

Muriel Willem, career practitioner and director of CareerFocusNZ, based in Whangarei and Ruakaka, assists Northlanders with developing a study pathway or become strong candidates for the jobs they want.

With 30 years’ experience in education and 12 years in a Careers advisor role, Muriel gets results for her clients, whether they are looking for employment, looking for a career change or a study pathway.

Muriel explains that our personal circumstances, values and priorities change and shape us as we grow and this is why we may get itchy feet about our job – we get bored and need a new challenge, we no longer feel valued, the company’s values may have changed, there is a lack of advancement opportunities, you need to earn more or you want to work less, and the list goes on. 

“The long-term commitment we make to our working life deserves professional and expert support,” says Muriel. 

Services CareerFocusNZ offer:
 Helping clients write CV and cover letters fit for Northland employers or overseas posts. 

 Assist with job search. The current job market is buoyant in Northland and with a few tips clients find many positions to apply for once they have established the skills they have to offer.

 Youth career pathway. Young people are often unaware of the many opportunities available to them, what their skills are or what skills are needed.

P Career change counselling, tips and support.

Email muriel@careerfocus.nz or call (027)6334171 for further information.

The thought of transitioning into a new work or training space at any age can be overwhelming. This is where seeking the professional support of a career practitioner helps people transition smoothly into a job or a study pathway that is right for them. 

“It was such a relief to meet with Muriel and put together my CV and cover letter. They came out better than I ever thought it could. Muriel helped me recognise my skills and put them on paper. The end result was being shortlisted for two jobs and employed in one! I highly recommend getting professional advice from Muriel to make sure you understand what you have to offer and get noticed. It’s really worth it.”

- D McNaughton
Muriel Willem
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