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Mangawhai Matters - We are asking “What matters to you?”


MM logo-761We are asking “What matters to you?”
Mangawhai Matters Society aims to ensure that our community values are reflected in decisions made by our council representatives. To help do this, our Society is surveying people’s views and priorities.

Throughout January our executive committee and other helpers will be at Saturday markets, at stalls in both shopping centres, and at other meeting places, with survey forms that simply ask: What do you like most about Mangawhai? And what are your priorities for managing Mangawhai’s growth?

As a community organisation it’s really important that we reflect the aspirations of you all and also those who are casual holidaymakers or even a day visitor. You will be asked to nominate the four measures out of 11 options that you believe are most important to managing growth of our town.

The survey will only take two or three minutes to complete and you will not be asked for your name or address.

As you will be asked whether you are a permanent resident, second home owner (bach), a casual holidaymaker or a day visitor, as well as indicating your age grouping, we will be able to share the results by age and establish whether values differ between full-time residents, bach owners (part-time residents), casual holiday makers, and visitors.

The survey began on January 2 at the Domain Market Day and early indications are that everyone approached was very keen to share their views.

By giving our organisation insight into community priorities we can ensure that our representatives on both the Kaipara District Council and the Northland Regional Council are aware of what you want.

We will share the results with the community at a public meeting in February, at which it is hoped Mangawhai Matters can sort out priorities for its future focus.


Mangawhai Central
The next important date on Mangawhai Matters’ calendar at the moment is the final hearing day before Commissioners on the Mangawhai Central Plan Change (PC78). This will take place on February 3 at the Community Hall on the corner of Moir St and Insley St.

This day has been set aside for supplementary evidence. Given that the staff generally support the Plan Change, the Kaipara District Council was asked by the Commissioners

to provide two items of supplementary evidence: the planning undertaken for wastewater disposal capacity required if Mangawhai Central goes ahead and the funding decisions made or contemplated to provide it, and the same information for water supply and security.

Mangawhai Central Ltd was given permission to provide supplementary evidence regarding matters raised at the hearing, including explaining its expert witness opinions. No new evidence can be raised at this hearing day. The public is welcome to attend to hear these additional statements.


Strong update on membership
Meanwhile we are getting a strong uptake on membership of Mangawhai Matters. Plenty of people are signing up to our Facebook page (640 so far, and counting) and visiting our website mangawhaimatters.com.

Want to join the Mangawhai Matters Society Inc as a member and have a say? It’s only $20 per family per year. Please make deposits to 01-0204-0160241-00. Following your payment please email us at mangawhaimatters@gmail.com giving us your name, phone, and address so we can keep in touch.


n Our next column will explain why it is very important for “absentee owners” in the Kaiwaka/ Mangawhai ward to enrol to vote at local and regional council elections and other referendums.

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