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Letters to the Editor



Listen to the people
An open question to all political parties: “Why are you not listening to the people?”

Maybe it’s because you are all terrified of one thing in particular – binding referendums that reflect the true wishes of the majority of citizens.

Have you all forgotten the meaning of ‘democracy’, the principle that ensures the survival of any group or nation? Or has democracy now become twisted into a dirty word.

We have grown tired of empty promises, tired of individual parties trying to force their own agenda upon us, and tired of attempts to make us feel guilty for injustices that may or may not have occurred 200 years ago.

The rest of the world is awakening. France has sent their two long-term major parties into oblivion, the USA rejected years of smooth talking while their economy foundered, and the UK has thrown off the shackles of foreign interests controlling their country.

And why has all this happened? It has happened because citizens have awoken to the political lies and false promises that have spiralled their nations into poverty and unmanageable debt.

The people speak, only to find that it doesn’t matter how loud they may scream – it is all falling upon the deaf ears of sycophantic politicians desperately seeking approval from their peers or noisy minority groups.

New Zealanders want to live as a united people, yet today we have academics (and others who know what is best for us) currently engaged upon composing a ‘constitution’ that would revolve around an ancient document that has been grossly mistranslated, thus cementing into law a permanent state of apartheid.

I don’t want to live under an apartheid system and nobody I have spoken to wants it either, so just how many people are you appeasing? Certainly not the majority.

So to all politicians I have this to say: “Stop listening to your ambitions and start listening to the people who elected you.”

Mitch Morgan


Famous quote
I would like to add something to Mitch Morgan’s informative and controversial letter supporting New Zealand First’s intention to abolish Maori parliamentary seats (Focus, Aug 7).

He quotes Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, two very astute and prominent gentlemen, lauded and internationally honoured worldwide, but forgot to include Dame Whina Cooper, recognised by Queen Elizabeth as one of New Zealand’s leading political and obviously greatest pacifist Maori leader in New Zealand’s history.

Her famous quote of “One nation, One People” will always be remembered and taught in our schools history lessons. Perhaps the time has come to all of our people in this land to forget the colour of our skins and become New Zealanders.

Peter Newson

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