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Letters to the Editor


Traffic sign of the times
Having read the editorial in the January 29 edition of the Mangawhai Focus, I am broadly in agreement with many of the points made. However, on behalf of the market organisers, there are a couple of items with which I need to take issue. Firstly, the market does have parking space available for stallholders and market patrons. This is in several locations including the Causeway Church premises on Lesley Street, Mangawhai School and at the rear of Bennetts of Mangawhai. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to force patrons to use these car parks and human nature dictates that most people will try to park anywhere they can and as close as possible to their objective. 

The market employs a suitably qualified person to implement a traffic management plan, which has been agreed to by council, but this person does not have the authority to direct traffic. I do not agree that the market contributes significantly to the traffic holdups on the junction of Moir and Insley Streets because, on Saturday mornings, over 90 per cent of the traffic arriving into Mangawhai via the causeway is wanting to turn right onto Moir Street. It is the junction and the sheer volume of traffic that is the main problem. 

I agree that a give way sign on Moir Street could do much to alleviate the problem in the short term. Looking further ahead, I think that Mangawhai needs an alternative route for traffic arriving from the South. I envisage a road, which could be an extension of Clark Road, continuing around behind the Domain to exit onto the Mangawhai Kaiwaka Road in the vicinity of Tara Road. Given the increase in population, traffic volumes and development we are experiencing, I believe that something of this nature is imperative. 

Whilst it might seem like a good idea, to some, to move the market, there is no other venue that appears suitable, and that includes the Domain, which is not available long term on a weekly basis.

Keith Draper

Agencies riding their luck
This is a message of congratulations to Kaipara District Council, NZ Police and NZ Transport Agency. Another huge holiday season and no-one killed or seriously maimed on Wintle St. This is no small achievement. Wintle St is narrow at several points, with several blind corners, road works and concealed driveways not helped by cars parked on yellow lines. It is the one road to the Heads for increasing numbers of pedestrians, joggers, kids on bikes as well as cars whose speeds of 70, 80, 90 kph are not uncommon even while phoning or texting.

Put this in context. There have been no speed cameras, no traffic monitoring and no effective speed bumps. Zero intolerance.

There have been near misses, but so what? Let's send a message to Council, police and NZTA: Great work. You got away with it for another summer. Make sure you don't do anything vaguely responsible next year either.

Richard Browning
Mangawhai Heads

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