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Jeanette fungi photographer by chance


April guest speaker was local photographer Jeanette Vickers whose artistic work has not only been exhibited in many New Zealand locations, but is also held in private collections overseas. 

It was some years ago while playing golf and having to retrieve golf balls hit off-course into the bush that Jeanette decided to use her macro digital camera to photograph fungi. It was certainly eye-opening for members to view on-screen a number of photos depicting not only the diversity of species, but also the various intricate and fascinating appearances of their underside structure.

Jeanette commented on fungi to be found in Mangawhai: remarkable size ratios, how one variety will last up to six months while others only five or six days, difference in the formation of gills with tree fungi having stems as opposed to gills, aroma of some species, vast network of root structures be they at grass or tree level, varieties that disappear for lengthy periods (even years) then reappear, ‘mushroom’ being the flower of the fungus, how bush areas of Manuka ‘host’ many varieties.

Members were encouraged to not only take strolls along tracks surrounding the Community Park/Golf Club, but also to sit-down, look around, and become aware of the vibrant and embracing plant life, including fungi, peculiar to the district. 

Spring and Autumn usually presented cold snaps followed by rain and this seemed to generate more abundant growth. Also mentioned was that planting trees and placing logs in garden areas would ultimately provide an environment to attract spores of fungi species invaluable in the break-down/regenerative process of nature. 

To have the awareness of such fascinating plant/fungi forms depicted in wonderful photographs and witness Jeanette’s obvious enthusiasm for the task, was very much appreciated.

Travel’s recounted
In the short time available to him, Rebus member Gordon Lees gave a personal and interesting account of travels he, his wife, and their infant son embarked on during the 1970s. Of particular note was the time spent on Easter Island.  Community poverty, living conditions, and the political situation that existed in Chile in those years were mentioned. 

On display for the interest of members were a variety of items presented to the Lees family in appreciation of their involvement within the island community – wooden carvings (some replicating the impressive rock carvings for which Easter Island is noted), stone ‘weapons’, and shell necklaces. Gordon was warmly thanked for sharing his trip down memory lane.

Want to know more about Mangawhai Combined Rebus Club? Meet every third Thursday of the month in the Senior Citizens’ Hall, Fagan Place, Mangawhai Heads at 2pm. Visitors welcome. Contact Gaylene Lawrence 431 5617 or Beve Smith 431 5777 for more details.

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