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Itís a first year hair affair


Headz of Hair team-31It has been held for centuries that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. This is also the firm belief of the team at Headz of Hair salon in Mangawhai which has recently completed its first year in business for owner Roseanne Rye.

“There are so many facets to hair,” says Roseanne, “from style, length, colour, and what trends might be in vogue.” 

But she insists while much of it relates to glamour there is a lot of simple practicality attached to hairdressing.

“Sure we love doing hair for brides and Mothers-of-the-bride and teens for their school balls,” she adds, “but often Mums and Grand-Mums just want a shampoo, trim and set or maybe some tint to freshen up with a new look and have some pampering. We’re in the ‘feel-good’ business and customer satisfaction is paramount.”

The dedicated team which numbers six in total have a wealth of training and experience behind them. A former local, Roseanne herself trained as a hairdresser then worked extensively overseas before coming full circle back to Mangawhai, while her understudy Therese has experience from world renowned Rodney Wayne studios. 

Though they are not specifically having a first birthday party, there will be special deals on offer for regulars and new client packs for newcomers along with the traditional coffee and bikkie for all customers.

“It’s a thankyou to the community without which we wouldn’t be here,” the girls agree. But its not all about the girls. 

“We are now seeing a rise in our male client numbers too,” says Roseanne. “Our ‘man cave’ idea has been so successful we are opening a second one, proving guys are not beyond a bit of pampering either.”

While much of Mangawhai is going plastic bag-free, Headz of Hair is also doing its bit for the environment stocking and using predominantly biodegradable products from the prominent NAK range.

So, be it a shampoo and set, a bob, a hair up, braids for the girls, or short back and sides and beards for the guys, Headz of Hair is the place to go. Rumour has it that a new stylist is about to hit the scene as well, so watch this space.

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