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Government sees bright future for Kaipara District


Otamatea marae jacinda ardern-854Te Uri o Hau ancestral marae, Otamatea, played host to Government ministers, local politicians and invited guests on February 3.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced the Provincial Growth Fund is investing $20.39 million in Kaipara District, enabling a step change across the District.

“This funding is the most significant forward step for Kaipara District in decades,” said Kaiapra Mayor Dr Jason Smith. “Twenty-seven million dollars in grants for fixing our roads, for wharves and for food production will boost the big things that matter most to Kaipara people. In combination, they’re a kickstart for our local economy. Kaipara’s going from zero to hero with this.” 

The three projects based in the Kaipara are:
• Kaipara Roads: $14.46 million. The application has been made by the Council to enable upgrades of key roads, catch-ups on safety improvements, road surfaces and bridges, helping to connect the business and marae of the Kaipara. With an additional $6.84 million from the National Land Transport Fund, total government investment in Kaipara roads is $21.3 million. 

• Kaipara Moana (Wharves analysis and implementation):, $4.95m. Exploring connections of businesses and communities, helping to connect Kaipara to Auckland with possible tourism benefits. 

• Kaipara Kai: $0.98m. This project involves exploration of crop, stock and aqua culture opportunities, utilising our natural assets as the Food Bowl of the North. 

Mayor Dr Jason Smith says the three projects will be a real kick start for Kaipara.

“Roads connect everybody to everyone else, their products to markets, communities to communities and services. The three projects help build a solid foundation for Kaipara District.

The three parts of the Kaipara Kickstart fit together says Dr Smith – new crops and foods being produced and transported on better local roads or by wharves for access to markets. 

“Visitors arriving by sea and travelling safely to Tupuna Marae for hui or to beautiful farms for food tourism experiences, linked with a place that’s synonymous with good, clean food. Local people proud of doing what they do best. This is about making better what we already do well or have done well in the past. These projects are logical next steps for projects already working in Kaipara in the recent past. It’s an integrated plan where all local people will benefit and is intended to kick-start Kaipara economic development.”
Northland regional leaders welcome funding announcement
Northland Inc and the Northland Regional Council have welcomed the Government’s recent announcement that the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) will invest $20.39 million in the Kaipara District in Northland.

“These projects are strategic for Kaipara and reflect important investment in our region,” says Northland Inc chair Sarah Petersen. “Increased connectivity with Auckland via Kaipara Harbour will fit nicely with our twin cost discovery byway journeys project and offer visitors more leisure options to explore Northland off the beaten track and experience what is special about Northland. Increased logistics solutions will increase productivity, but most importantly it builds on what’s great about the Kaipara today.”

Chairman of the Northland Regional Council and the Northland Mayoral Forum, Bill Shepherd, has welcomed the PGF investment in roading infrastructure for the Kaipara. 

“Improved roading infrastructure has been clearly identified in the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan (TTNEAP) and by the Mayoral Forum, as an important catalyst for maximising Northland's economic and social growth opportunities."

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern and other dignitaries at Otamatea marae at the Provincial Growth Fund announcement.

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