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Geomancy: Tapping into the earth’s energy



nickycrockerAn ancient form of divination now classed as a therapeutic art, geomancy focuses on detecting the subtle energies within the earth and how these energies may affect a person’s health.

Life is made up of energy, either good, bad or neutral, emanating from underground rivers, magnetic fields, radio signals and cell phone towers as well as the energy vibrating through every human being. 

Zones of negative, unhealthy energy however, caused by a distortion of the earths energetic fields by either natural or human-made features, are said to be responsible for a vast range of symptoms called ‘geopathic stress’ (GS). 

Owner of local geomancy business Clear Energy Homes, Nicky Crocker says if people are stationary around this negative frequency (or noxious earth energy) for long periods of time, they may be unknowingly affected.

“The surface of the earth is woven with a pattern of etheric threads identical in energy and importance to the acupuncture meridians of the human body,” she says. “But if you are sleeping on one of these ‘crossings’ or if they are where you spend a lot of time such as sitting at a desk, they could be affecting you.” 

Symptoms asserted to be indicators of GS are widely diverse, affecting mental, emotional and physical health, and appear in six stages. Similar to general stress an inflicted individual may present with feeling vague, persistent discomfort, negative feelings and taking a long time to recover from a common illness such as a cold, to sleep/mood/behaviour disorders, sexual dysfunction, panic attacks and digestive troubles, and the more concerning diabetes, strokes and even cancer. 

“Geopathic stress constantly influences the human body by gradually weakening the organism, upsetting homeostasis (state of equilibrium) and internal organs, leaving humans vulnerable to diseases,” Crocker says, who writes a monthly blog for the Kumeu and Western Courier on the subject. “These noxious earth energies can be detected with dowsing rods or other means and are in every home, office, farms and buildings everywhere around the world. Of course they may only cross your house once, which is all good as long as it’s not where you spend a lot of time.”

A geomancer for over 20 years, Crocker became dedicated to the craft after her daughter, who had wet her bed for over 10 years sleeping in the same location was cured overnight, and herself from chronic arthritis, after a geomancer identified GS flowing under their respective bedrooms. 

She says once the negative energy is located, sometimes a simple shifting of furniture is all that be needed to make a difference to an individual’s symptoms. 

“Dowsing and divining are used extensively in the alternative health industry by people like me, to tap into the earth’s energies as well as into our own universe/God-given ability to explore all the subtle energies that are within us and everywhere all around the world,” she says. “Not only does it work, but I consider it the most powerful force in the universe and a gift that many have, only if they choose to turn it on, and believe in its ability.”

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Spreading positive economic energy as well as healthy vibes; Local geomancer and founder of business group B2B Networking Mangawhai, Nicky Crocker.

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