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Exceptional flowering on Chinese privet this year



thumbnail Privet branch-325Some areas of Mangawhai have a very distinctive odour at the moment that can cause serious breathing problems for many people.

Chinese privet seems to be having a very heavy flowering season – and that could mean many more privet seedlings and plants coming up in years to come as the birds disperse them far and wide.

Chinese privet is quite localised in Mangawhai so now is a good time to get it and stop it spreading – and it’s easy to find at the moment.

Some of the areas where it has been seen are Molesworth Dr near the golf course and along the estuary where the new development is underway down to Pearson St.

Old Waipu Rd and Black stump Rd also have areas of quite thick Chinese privet.

Tree privet on Cove Rd is also showing its creamy buds now and will continue the season of breathing misery through summer for many people.

Fortunately privet is easy to kill. Treat the stump with a swab of undiluted glyphosate or drill 10mm holes at 200mm intervals around the base and put 3-5ml of glyphosate in each hole.

If using the drill method, ensure the tree will not fall on people or property when it begins to rot. Smaller seedlings can be hand removed.

Privet makes excellent firewood as it is dense and can be burnt green.

If you have either of these trees on your property, please make steps to remove them and replace with a more people and environmentally friendly tree.

Keep an eye out in the garden to make sure you are not the recipient of these bird dispersed seeds in the future.

n Weed Action can help with advice and herbicides for all your problem weeds. Email Sara on weedactionpb@gmail.com or phone 022 010 4092.

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