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Councillor Comment Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Ward Councillor Jonathan Larsen


Preparing for uncertain times
Council is working hard to prepare for service delivery in a COVID-19 pandemic environment, and to help minimise its effects. Work is being undertaken to plan for how to assist with potential hardship in the community. Steps are also being taken to allow for remote working and meetings, and some upcoming public engagement events have been cancelled or postponed.

Heads Toilet upgrade
The Mangawhai Heads toilets will be closed until 2 April for an upgrade. The requirement for an upgrade was identified through Council’s independent inspections, and includes painting, fitting new hardware etc. Two portaloos will be on site during this time. The cost of the upgrade is funded from the toilet upgrade budget in Council’s Long Term Plan.

Tomarata Rd/ Insley St bridge
The Tomarata Road bridge was opened to all traffic including 50T max trucks on 13 March. There are existing bumps on both sides of the bridge programmed to be fixed during the week starting Monday 23 March. About six weeks after this work the bridge will be chip-sealed (this gives time for the asphalt to oxidise before overlaying) and then the road will look like new. Council decided to open the road before these works were completed to minimise the impact on the community. Thank you to everyone for your patience while these important repair works were being completed.

Tomarata Rd/ Insley St pedestrian bridge
With the completion of the traffic bridge I am still pushing to get an adjacent pedestrian installed as soon as possible. Some readers will recall that, under the Mangawhai Community Plan (MCP) work schedule, a footbridge in this location wasn’t scheduled until after 2028. In March 2019, with strong community support, I lodged a notice of motion to try to get this project completed much sooner. Council has now lodged a second application for funding from NZTA. If funding is approved this will be implemented as part of a multi-year shared path programme. Fingers crossed!

For any Council maintenance or service issues please phone 0800 0800 727 059 or email council@kaipara.govt.nz. If you have any community projects or issues that you would like assistance with, I can be contacted on Ph. 021 185 8389 or jlarsen@kaipara.govt.nz.

*The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the consensus position of Council.

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