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Carrie bitten by marching bug


Kaipara Marchers-635Being from the UK Carrie Adlington had never heard of leisure marching until last October when she moved to Paparoa and someone at a local exercise class said she should come to marching.

“I was intrigued that she went away with her marching ladies so I decided to check it out,” says Carrie.

Since joining the team in November she has been in two Santa parades and took part in the display at the March nationals, the largest annual gathering of leisure marchers – around a thousand marchers in 80 teams.

Marching for sport in New Zealand began in the 1930s and developed to help keep young women fit and healthy during The Great Depression. In the 1940s it became more organised and teams competed against each other. 

Leisure marching really took off in the 1990s when many of the women who had been marching in their youth wanted to do it again. 

And it’s not just about older women, says Carrie, though many are retired. In her 30s, to her it’s all about heart.
“I love the ladies in my team, I love the care they put into what they do,” she says. “I love the dedication of Lyn Hutchings, our coach, who drives from the other side of Whangarei to perfect what we do twice a week. I love the camaraderie, fun, laughter and friendships.”

The benefits of marching are both physical and mental, helping to improve memory, maintaining co-ordination, and improve fitness. 

Carrie was able to go to nationals thanks to past fundraising efforts, so would like to give something back, raising money for the Kaipara Marchers to attend other events this year as well as the 2020 Leisure Marching Nationals in Christchurch.

 Want to find out more about leisure marching? Contact coach Lyn Hutchings 0220 708 674.
Help fundraise
Come and enjoy a 10 minute Shoulder Sound Energy Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls for $10. Sound healing helps to effortlessly relax your body, calm the mind and awaken your spirit: Paparoa Farmers Market Sat April 20 9am-12pm, Mangawhai Village Hall Market (on the stage) Sat April 27 9am-1pm. All proceeds to Kaipara Marchers. For more info contact Carrie 0210 576 184. 

Kaipara Marching team, from left, Cecelia Les Chapman, Janice Booth, Kathy Barron, Rachelle Davies (Leader), Rose Plunkett, Carrie Adlington, Corinna Thorburn, Jane Baird, Theresa Ramirez, Connie Walker (Manager), Lyn Hutchings (Coach).

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