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Mary Kelleher 2017-699This July school holidays Mary Kelleher is opening the doors to her Stitch-in-time Studio at 3 Sailrock Drive, Mangawhai Heads, offering a free learning experience.

Mary is well known through her Handmade Histories murals, books and crafting, travelling to schools from Purua to Hamilton with her car full of sewing machines and materials, and has created workshops for Art on the Quay in Kaiapoi to Sustainable Coastlines in Auckland.

“In every workshop, I see the joy that movement of visible cogs and gears gives. There is a connection to the act of creation that goes deeper emotionally than what you can feel with a digital device,” she says.

This has brought her to the point of passing on her knowledge with some simple basic instruction to a younger generation who have little concept of life without digital technology.

“I am not programming any projects initially,” says Mary. “I just want to initiate young people in the wonders of these machines. That sewing a straight line, zig-zag, putting in a zip and making a buttonhole are creative stepping stones that can take you in all sorts of design directions.”

Mary is also a skilled mixed media artist with one of her murals, Manukau: Harbour of Stories, soon to be launched as a key exhibit at Auckland Maritime Museum.

“There is a fine line between technology, history, art and sewing,” she says, insisting “learning how to make something with your hands can open up a whole new three-dimensional world of visual communication for young people.”

Mary invites anyone who wants to explore her world of vintage and modern sewing machines to come in and have a go!

“I will have out on display for inspiration and exploration a couple of handcrafted artworks – The Story Of A New Zealand Truck Driver, and the interactive story-board I made for the Sustainable Coastlines workshops.”

The Stitch-in-time Studio will be open from 10am–3pm, July 10-21. Bring the voucher on this page with you for two free orientation visits. Please phone ahead to make an appointment.

HANDS ON: Artist, crafter and collector Mary Kelleher opens her studio to creative young minds over the school holidays.

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