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Bowls Briefs


Influx of new bowlers
With 2013 coming to end and everyone looking forward to enjoying Christmas and the summer holidays, Mangawhai bowlers can look back on a fantastic year.

New bowlers who joined last season have all rejoined for a second year and are making their presence felt both within the club and on the bowling scene of Northland.

A Have A Go Day in October helped with an unprecedented intake of 22 new members (Newbies) this season.

Visitors welcome
Over the summer holiday break Mangawhai will swell with visitors, many of whom are already aware of the fantastic facilities available at The Club in Mangawhai. It is there, the home of Mangawhai Bowls, where many visitors and residents have the opportunity to try their hand at bowls.

Bowlers & Non-bowlers tournament
Non-bowlers are invited to put in a team and play a game of bowls at The Club at the annual Bowlers/Non-Bowlers day, Saturday December 28.

Rules are simple: a team of 4 people (men, women, mixed), only one registered bowler allowed per team (not compulsory; teams do not have to have a registered bowler and can be a group of 4 non-bowlers) and if a bowler is playing they have to play lead (the first player to play in each round). Registration starts from 10am and bowling will begin at noon. To register just call into The Club. Bowls supplied if you need them and all you have to do is make sure you wear flat soled shoes.

The day’s main sponsor is Bayleys Real Estate, with plenty of prizes. The Club will offer first class hospitality facilities. Tell the rellies and the batching neighbours, make it a must do event and let the fun begin to end 2013.

Looking ahead
Mangawhai bowlers are looking to a great season ahead for singles and teams. Local bowlers play in both domestic and regional competitions and successes have been impressive in the last 12 months, due in no small part to senior bowlers who provide inspiration and technical support for the Newbies.

Mangawhai bowls wishes everyone a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.


Club Championship Triples
Final: Graham Wintle, Len Bird & Paul Wightman bt Chris Gore, Colin Pierce & KD Wintle.
Harvey World Travel (Warkworth) Hams and Lambs Any Combination Fours

Mangawhai teams unless stated
A Green: 1st R. Burrows, R. Heaton, T. Agnew & G. Jones 4 wins; 2nd P. Brewster, P. Nicholas, G. Gallant & J. Ganley (Kensington) 3.5 wins, 25 ends, 49 points for, 28 points against; 3rd R. Cleaver, S. DeVries, H. Foote & K. Mackintosh 3.5 wins, 25 ends, 49 points for, 29 points against; 4th F. Taylor, H. Mattaia, R. McLean & V. Clyde (Waipu) 3 wins, 22 ends; 5th J. Valentine, N. Shepherd, A. Cornish & G. Walker 3 wins, 21 ends.

B Green: 1st S. MacDonald, W. Brooks, S Watson & M. Baretta (Sponsors Team) 4 wins; 2nd L. Lawrence, R. Greening, T. Tuffy & B. Howard 3.5 wins; 3rd A. Wintle, Lois Bird, K. Mitchell & G. Mackintosh 3 wins, 27 ends, 51 points; 4th R. McKinney, M. Sandford, "Brent W" & G. Sandford (Waipu) 3 wins, 27 ends, 42 points; 5th J. Cole, J. King, "Smurf" & G. Catton (Kamo) 3 wins 24 ends.

Consolation Ham: C. Pierce, M. Pilmer, J Brierly & T. Perry; Consolation Lamb: T. Hay, P. Hay, P. Hayward & B. Hayward (One Tree Point).
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