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Ed Said - The unfairness of it all


dadWith still almost two weeks to go until the general election I’m fairly fed up with all the palaver in the press and on radio and TV. But I have to say I have enjoyed, for the most part, the jousting, the different opinions of politicians, media buffs, political experts and the public, and some of the weird and wonderful policies that will attempt to capture votes come September 20. It has run the gamut of my emotions from interested, to humorous, and finally, cynical.

I figure if I don’t listen to or watch any more electioneering until the big night, I’ll enjoy whatever transpires with the same anticipation of a new comedy series.

Response to coverage online and on social media has been most entertaining too. It appears many on the right are coming up with satirical, witty and off-hand remarks, while responses from lefties fail to realise the satire and become, in several cases, quite snide and confrontational making things even more entertaining.

Taxes and wages have been a subject of much attention, referring to the gap between rich and poor. However international standards rate this as no different from the situation in the early 80s. Hungry kids of parents who smoke for example, are the victims of poor management as much as ‘poverty’ which, in this country defies definition. When the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes today is $17.20, while 25s is $21.75 and a 30 gram pouch of tobacco is $38, quit smoking and get an instant nett payrise of $140 a week – tax free, simple arithmetic.

On today’s rates, a $250,000 home loan for 20 years will cost $450 per week (plus rates, plus insurance, plus maintenance). Some bleating about home ownership need to realise that a good comfortable rented home is not really a bad deal – especially if they are unable to save $10 or $20 per week towards any sort of deposit. Plus they will end up paying $430,000 by the time the debt is cleared. Sure, rents will probably increase with time but so will rates and insurance and while the value of the house should increase there are a dozen political parties baying for a capital gains tax which itself will stymie investment and increase rents further.

Then we have ‘green’ issues: waterways, climate change, local government laws that need attention. Add to those Treaty issues, immigration, jobs, minimum pay, education, welfare and student debt (if that $3 billion was being repaid we’d all be on easy street). The world just doesn’t seem fair! Actually it is.

The law of nature decrees there will be ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, those who can and those who can’t, those who ‘want to’ and those who ‘can’t be bothered’ which is the magic of existence and what makes life fair.

In Mangawhai people are finding it hard to come to grips with councillors not ‘qualified’ for the job they were elected (by us) to do. Well, there are now literally hundreds of aspiring politicians promising the world in an effort to get their hands on a six figure salary but with no greater qualifications than the lad who mows my lawn. I’m reminded of a saying – something to do with the forest and trees.

And that’s why I’m going to enjoy watching the outcome of this election. I’m also prepared to make some predictions. Firstly, National will be restored fairly handsomely. Next, Labour will bomb, Cunliffe soon thereafter to be replaced by Jacinda Ardern. And Kim Dotcom and Georgina Beyer will get married and ride off into the sunset.

You decide which is satire.

Happy voting.


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