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Worzels World - Where Ideas Come From

Due to the writing of these and other musings it has come to pass that I have been asked the perennial question put to many artists and other creative craftsmen who are any good: “Where do you get your ideas?”

The answers of others asked this question vary greatly but are essentially all the same. My own answer varies from ‘Err’, he scratches chin, ‘they just sort of come to me,’ to the more succinct but possibly presumptuous ‘from God.’

When an artist faces his project he reinacts the Genesis story. There is a blank page, an empty stage, a piece of vacant land avoid of some sort. He or she must switch on the light and create. What once was not must be brought into being. Time, discipline and skill, of various degrees are necessary. Those of us with less skill or discipline must take more time.

The last and most important ingredient though is inspiration, which is the fruit of desire. In this way ‘ideas’ can take form and be made manifest on page, canvas or in word or deed – otherwise they will slip away forgotten into the abyss reserved for lost ideas that never see the light of day.

Yeah right, but where do the ideas come from? The historical answer to this question is that they come from spirits called Muses. The Muses were nine sisters who were the Greek goddesses of inspiration in literature, science and the arts. This legend has a lot going for it and is another answer that is the same as all the rest. Angels and demons speak to us all regardless of our beliefs or superstitions but not everyone hears, listens to or acknowledges them.

Travelling homeward after Christmas Day feasting with family and friends it was an hour or two after midnight. The highway still enjoyed the calm before the Boxing Day storm. Other vehicles were few. My journey nearly done I was looking forward to home and sleep. On the other side of the road sat a vehicle in the classic ‘I need help’ pose – hazard lights on and bonnet up. I seldom travel without tools, torch and a tow rope. For longer trips I may even throw in some oil and jumper leads.

An idea proposed by an angel on my shoulder said ‘You’d better pull over you might be able to help.’ In reply a demon on my other shoulder said, ‘Nah, it’s been a long day, carry on home, go to bed, it’s not your problem.’

The angel and the demon argued amongst themselves for a kilometer or so and I was getting sick of the bickering. I pulled over, did a U-ey and headed back. Parking in front of the disabled vehicle I approached the driver’s window to enquire if I could render any assistance.

Although I am not a picture postcard at the best of times and my vehicle is either dusty or muddy depending on the season (washing them makes them rust) I was at least wearing Christmas clothes, a relatively clean shirt and was trying to smile.

The electric window of the stranded car shot up and I could hear the central locking click on. The sole female occupant refused to acknowledge me. She would not make eye contact. I raised open hands in a gesture of bewilderment and benign intent. I smiled my friendliest smile (which I am told is not necessarily a pretty sight) but she refused even to look. The angel consoled me saying ‘Hey, at least you know you tried to do the right thing.’ To which the demon added ‘Yeah right – for a stupid stuck up b***h too scared to accept help.’ I got back in the car and continued homeward.

You may notice in this true tale that the demon said more than the angel. As a yardstick for telling them apart there are worse. I offer this story as an example of where ideas come from. It is obvious from the state of the world and probably from the various articles I have written that both good, bad and sometimes indifferent ideas find their way into physical reality. They have their origin in our consciousness which begs the age old question that has bedevilled science, religion and philosophy since the dawn of time: Is consciousness a product of the mind or is the mind a product of consciousness?

This is my explanation. I leave it to you to decide. As for my ideas? Ahhh, they just seem to come from somewhere.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

But where do the ideas come from? The historical answer to this question is that they come from spirits called Muses… nine sisters who were the Greek goddesses of inspiration in literature, science and the arts.


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