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Worzels World - The collapse is coming


We are heading towards the mathematically inevitable collapse of the US dollar.

A child at play blows gently through a plastic ring and a bubble is formed. It is a big bubble and even the adults engaged in beer and small talk take note as it leaves the ring that formed it and wobbles precariously into rainbow-skinned independence.

As it floats it bulges here and there. Wind and weather force it along. The weight of public attention hangs heavy upon it. It lives for a time then surely, certainly, inexorably it bursts revealing the secret that despite its size there was very little substance to it. The bubble implodes to become no more than a droplet of detergent on the driveway. The child is sad but begins at once to blow new bubbles. The adults return to beer and chit chat.

Those that accurately predicted the global financial crisis of 2008 are now saying that we are now facing the final collapse of what always was a dysfunctional system designed to fail. Lessons that could have been learned in the so-called credit crunch of 2008 were not. The bailed out banksters got bonuses while the common people got debt. Such is the slavery of the free market.

To predict or prophesy that there is massive change looming on the horizon is a bit like saying tomorrow will be another day. It is self-evident. Although there are many who seem to pursue change for change sake, not all change is for the better. Often too little time is spent thinking of the possible repercussions, whether such change is necessary or in any way beneficial.

I am still unreconciled and resistant to certain changes imposed without my consent and which I believe to be to the detriment of myself and of civilisation in general. Yes change is inevitable but we should choose carefully what form that change will take.

So what is happening and how long will it continue? We are heading towards the mathematically inevitable collapse of the US dollar.

For our debt-based money system to function the debt must be continually increased in excess of the debt plus previous interest accrued, otherwise the economy will stop growing and enter into recession. When debt is created, money is created. If the debt is paid off, money is destroyed. There is, however, no chance of this as there is never enough capital in circulation to pay the debt.

At present 97 percent of all money is represented as debt. Should any attempt be made to pay this off there would be no money left. We have reached the point on the exponential curve when the debt must be defaulted on. The limit has been reached where no more money can be minted or more debt created to perpetuate the growth cycle without causing runaway inflation.

The funny thing is that our debt-based money has been essentially worthless, backed as it is by no more than politician promises, since the introduction of fiat currency in the 1970’s. This fake system has only survived for 45 years because we never understood it and had ‘confidence’ in an intrinsic value it never had. Of course those who engineered the system are well aware of its temporary nature. The central banks are even now preparing alternative currency that will give them greater control over global resources and hence the common man.

It is time to confront an inevitable reality. It will be back to basics again. Dreamers must now awaken to a harsh reality. There will be a fair amount of weeping and grinding of teeth and many will behave badly in response, but just like the child’s soap bubble it is merely the end of that which had no real substance anyway. It really is true that we reap what we sow and harvest time is near.

The extent of individual difficulties during and after this collapse will be proportional to their

dependence upon money. Most people in the west live from payday to payday and are so entangled in the present economic system that when that system fails, as is now happening, they will be caught unaware.

Those who pull the strings of international finance are well aware of the current situation – indeed they have engineered it. They are at pains to convince the population that all is well. The Russians and the Chinese are also aware of the reality and are making their own contingency plans.

As the old saying goes: ‘Those that fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.’ It will be our task to replace that which is now failing and will soon collapse with that which is fair. How long that takes and how much bloodshed and suffering the world must endure until that comes to pass is the responsibility of all of us.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

“Although there are many who seem to pursue change for change sake, not all change is for the better. Often too little time is spent thinking of the possible repercussions…”

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