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Police Snippets


Lakes incident
Police were called to an incident at Tomarata Lakes on September 10 involving two groups of 30-40 partygoers. Constable Dale Wewege says the majority of the people, aged in their 20s and 30s, were highly intoxicated which led to various disorderly conduct including fighting and destruction of beer bottles.

“Too much alcohol had been drunk in the group which included locals as well as visitors and things had got out of hand,” Wewege says. “The fight was over by the time police arrived at the scene and no arrests were made.”

Police warn they will be doing random checks at the lakes which has an alcohol ban between 6pm – 6am and will confiscate any liquor found.

Good advice
With the warmer weather approaching, Constable Wewege wants to urge people to be more careful on roads due to the increase in traffic and says there is still too many drivers flouting the rules.

“Every day we do traffic inspections that pick up people driving without seat belts, a current WOF and speeding, especially around Molesworth drive.”

The summer season also brings more renters to the area and police want to advise residents to take care of belongings and secure their homes.

“We’ve had no burglaries in over a month but if financially possible think about installing some security cameras,” he says. “Prevention is better than cure.”

Meth tests
If renting out houses even for a short period of time, police recommend landowners investing in methamphetamine checks before and after holidaymakers use the premises.

Home kits are now available online which gives an initial reading of any meth use within the interior of the house. If P has been indicated, an in-depth test can then be carried out to ascertain the degree of contagion.

“If contamination is found, landowners need to let police know so we can make a note of it for future reference,” Constable Wewege says. “It’s also a good idea for long-term renters to have a condition in the contract that P tests will be carried out every three months.”

- REPORTING/Julia Wade

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