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Time together top priority for Johns Family


Emilie and Kerri(copy)Time together top A lucky mum has been given the most precious gift of all – the chance to make more family memories with her daughter who is battling leukaemia.

Kerri Johns has won a trip around the South Island with her four-year-old daughter Emilie, her sisters, Chloe, seven, and Ella, nine, and their dad, Lance.

The Johns family, who live in Point Wells near Warkworth (just south of Tomarata) are one of 12 Kiwi families who will be awarded a month of family time as part of a nationwide initiative which aims to give NZ families a share of time back.

The Hyundai Family Time Project was launched after the company’s research showed Kiwi families want more family time.

Kerri, 40, is thrilled to have won the trip for her family, which she says has been under strain since Emilie was diagnosed with leukaemia last year.

The former physio has not been able to return to work for more than 12 months as she stays home to look after her daughter.

“We have been virtually housebound for more than a year as a family. We’ve talked about d
oing a trip around the South Island for a while, but since Emilie got sick it just hasn’t been possible,” she says.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to go travelling and spend some family time together. It will be an uplifting and incredibly memorable experience, and the first time the girls have been to the South Island, so it’s very exciting for them.”

Lance, a facilities manager, says the trip will give him some much-needed time back with his family.

“The only time I have really had off work over the past twelve months has been when Kerri needs to be at the hospital with Emilie, and I have looked after the girls,” he says.

“Every moment with the family all together is precious, and it will be wonderful to be able to have more time to create lifelong memories with our daughter.”

Hyundai General Manager, Andy Sinclair, says the company is thrilled to be able to help the Johns family in some small way by giving them a share of time back.

“This is what the Hyundai Family Time Project is all about – helping deserving families across the country to enjoy more quality time. Our research showed this is what Kiwi families are after, and we’re happy to be responding to their needs,” he says.

To learn more about the campaign visit www.familytimeproject.co.nz


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