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This winter and spring has been the bane of many gardeners, especially those preparing their properties for the Annual Palmers Planet Mangawhai Garden Ramble which supports our local Kindergarten and Plunket. However the hardiness of plants and gardeners will see both ready and radiant in time for this year’s event which will be held on 11 and 12 November throughout Mangawhai urban and rural areas.

As always there will be a mix of gardens - some shown before, others never seen publicly on the Ramble, some large and some small, rural and urban, old and newly established. Some are constantly maintained and others refurbished and of interest to keen gardeners who want to explore the finer points of garden layout and all who want to experience the joy of plants, gardens and scenery, garden art and any other little quirks that turn gardeners into artists in their own horticultural way. Three gardens will be open to night viewing this year around Mangawhai Heads.

A new novelty activity for ramblers will be “Spotto” - finding various items around a couple of selected gardens, and also the Plunket and Kindy children are busy planting seeds and seedlings, and painting name tags for each pot to be sold at one of the refreshment gardens. The Mums and Dads have been preparing for the refreshment stops and also for the various raffles with prizes kindly donated by local businesses. Ramblers may also be lucky enough to receive spot prizes to be given during the weekend.

Tickets are on sale at the normal local outlets and more information can be found on the Ramble website http://mangawhaigardenramble.org/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mangawhaigardenramble/

Hope you are able to have an enjoyable weekend supporting this event held on behalf of the local Plunket and Kindy.

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